Believe the devil. This is the schedule of the man. The CDS is going to resume his tour on Thursday. He was on break. He is going to tour the military facilities within the Greater Banjul Area.

Secondly, it has been brought to our attention that after the completion of his tour, Masaneh Kinteh, is going to travel to Cuba, to pick his family, who have been living there since his appointment as CDS. Upon his return from Cuba, Masaneh, is going to travel to Sudan to visit the troops posted there on peacekeeping mission.

The amazing thing about this greedy CDS is that he owns a residence around Brusubi, but he said the place is too small for residential purposes. He has signed a lease contract with a private homeowner in Brusubi, which he intends to use as his new home. The rent costs D375,000 dalasis per annum.

Now you can see how greedy is Masaneh. This is the guy Barrow appointed to help restructure the army. He is living large, when is men are suffering.  Masaneh is the new Gen. Saul Badjie of the Gambia. He is Gambia’s co-president. He is the most powerful person in Barrow’s government. 

A lot of things are happening here. I also gathered that Serign Momodou Njai is supposed to recall by the government for home services. It is not clear under what capacity.

It is now clear to all and sundry that Masaneh is heading an administration purely tailored to enrich themselves.  There is corruption going on. The senior officers have schemed among themselves to be part of the official travelling package; all geared towards raking per diem allowances.

Each time President Barrow travels outside the Gambia, he will be accompanied by either Masanneh Kinteh, or Turo Darboe.  Both are commanders in the force.

On the same vein, when the Fatomatta Tambajang Jallow, the overseer of the office Vice president is travelling abroad, she would be accompanied by Deputy CDS Yankuba Drammeh.  Everyone is busy making money at the expense of the state and national security. There is total neglect on the side of the GAF command to address some of the core issues confronting the armed and security services.

It should be noted that the military under Jammeh’s rule witnessed total disregard of the welfare of the personnel—hence resulting to very low morale within the rank and file of the army. A similar trend is being repeated under Masaneh’s leadership.

Today, there is a lack of proper military organizational structures to shape the affairs of the army. There is no proper regimental structure. Ranks are being dished out without merit, lack of training for the men and women of the armed forces, coupled with complete disarray when it comes to the nomination of personnel to serve in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions.  Imagine the State Guard Commander travelling with the president overseas.. Who is going to protect the presidency?

Written By Officer Chucks

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