Former Gambia Football Federation Vice President  Buba Star Janneh Refute Gambia Football Press Release As Untrue, Misleading, Malicious And Slanderous 

By Ousman B Kinteh. 18 May, 2017.

Statements, comments whenever or wherever they step out of the line of truth must be promptly and emphatically corrected and brought back to the path of truthfulness. Why? The recent story on Facebook dated 16th May 2017, commenting on the former Executive of the Gambia Football Federation (GFF), is untrue, misleading, malicious and slanderous. A statement in their reaction to an article written by GFF against Messers Ousman Kinteh and Buba Jallow which claims that the former leadership of GFF was banned by FIFA because of age cheating is false and deserves a fitting response.

To get the facts right, FIFA at the time when this unfortunate situation occurred (the dissolution of the Executive) decided that the then GFF Executive should convene an Extraordinary Congress of the Stakeholders to seek and obtain a fresh mandate. Knowing that the then GFF Executive would have obtained that Mandate if the Extraordinary Congress was held as directed by FIFA, the Former Sport Minister in collaboration with people who had direct access to authorities in CAF and FIFA ensured that the Extraordinary Congress was not held. Instead, they instituted Alagie Sillah –led Normalisation Committee which eventually barred our President Mustapha Kebbeh and Seedy Kinteh from contesting elections. Obviously, we now know that the former Minister was fighting the former Executive in order to ensure that his brother ascends to the top of GFF.

Our silence for the past three years should not be assumed by anyone as guilt. We (former Executive) are patriotic Gambians who for the greater good and prosperity of Gambian football prefer to become supportive rather than distraction and destructive individuals. In addition to the fact that the former Government Officials led by the former minister of Youth and Sports were directly involved in ensuring that the current GFF Executive members were elected, we have a compelling evidence of numerous irregularities committed by the current GFF Executive, including but not limited to age cheating, an offense which they have accused us of. We would have exposed them to the relevant authorities if we wanted to witch-hunt and the implications on our football would have been devastating. But as good and responsible citizens of our country, we decided not to soil the name of our Country and dash the hopes and aspirations of our young footballers.

It is also on record that the former GFF Executive spent 8 days in police detention as they (police) investigate the alleged age cheating. We are certain that very soon Gambians will be informed of the findings of an investigative panel set up by the previous Government on the age cheating accusation levelled against us.

In the meantime, we wish to reiterate that the former Executive of GFF was composed of men and women of honour who have served and continue to serve their nation in diverse ways. We have transformed the GFF during our short tenure and have introduced policies and procedures geared towards making GFF more transparent, accountable and relevant to the current realities. We have used our expertise to lobby and have secured funds meant to develop football in the Gambia in line with our strategic blue print dictated by our strong desire to develop football across the entire nation. We knew that our immediate stakeholders were fully abreast and have bought in to our vision and we appreciate their support and are also grateful for standing by us during trying times.

Finally, we wish to assure all that from now on we will not remain silent. We will expose the injustice and correct misleading statements regarding our tenure in office and in this new Gambia doing such is a national duty.

Facebook respond to Buba Star Janneh comments :-

Darboe Dia  “My brother you have said it all, the current GFF Executives should be dissolve as they are selected through political and tribal line. During their select we have seen how the government directly interfere in the whole process, they when to an extent that regarding Kebbeh’s camps as oppositions against the government which prompted the governors in the regions to directly involve in the due process, because the whole country was terror by the despot dictator.  The culture of silence is over, the present Executives should be investigate as some of them are loyal of lunatic dictator. They need to be expose and pay the prices of their Actions”.

Former GFA second vice president Borri Darboe ” My silence is broken and now Gambians will come to know what is happening at the football house. People responsible for what is bad for our football will be exposed. Stay tune”.

Gambia second division football club Lion of Banjul manager Modou Yaya Jallow ” I’ve always said to Buba Janneh that Gambians need to know what transpired. A coin has two sides and therefore refusing to come out is saving no Gambian football instead it’s creating more havoc. Let the facts be placed on the table and stakeholders shall then decide. No more economics with the truth”.

Buba Mbaye Bojang ” The long hands in the installation of a green GFF, needs to be exposed. I shall henceforth broke my silence and shall be coming up with an opinionated serial articles in which I will endeavour to shed light in real matters affecting our beautiful game. Only the truth shall set us free, lies and deceitful acts shall never be condone anymore and the green GFF should be sanitised and that no more agents of the despot dictator shall remained in our institutions. They must follow him to EQ. Thanks bro for setting the records straight”.

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