There is a heated debate within the Barrow administration about the proposed privatization of the Banjul ports, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Opinions are divided at this hour, as to who should be contracted to manage Gambia’s ports. Gambians have been kept out of the loop though. This is a government, which operates in secrecy. So far two foreign entities have surfaced in regards to the highly-contested debate about the privatization of the port of Banjul. A French company called Bollore Logistics seems to be favored by team Mai Fatty, Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow and Adama Barrow and co, while others wanted the Chinese to manage the port.

Bollore Logistics is currently managing the port of Senegal, and Guinea Conakry, according to our competent source. The company is said to lobbying to be contracted to manage the operations of Gambia’s ports authority.

It should be noted that while former Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade was in power, he contracted Dubai port to oversee the operations of Senegal’s port. The contractual deal was rescinded once president Macky Sall ascended to the presidency. Sall reportedly terminated the contract and gave it to Bollore.

As you may know Mai Fatty, is the “Witting agent” in Barrow’s government for the administration of Macky Sall. Like in other related passport contracts and investment deals, associated with the Interior Minister’s name, sources have it that Fatty is among those pushing for the Banjul port to be contracted to the French company. There are folks in the administration, who are opposed to the deal. They prefer the Chinese to manage our port. 

” Now there is another group of Ministers, who want the port to be given to the Chinese,” said our source. ” They are promised #2 millions,” he added. 

A # 2 million kickback deal has surfaced in the grapevine. Before the proposed privatization of the ports would be finalized, it must receive the blessing of Cabinet.

” Musa Drammeh, is the special adviser on investment to Barrow. He is also helping Bollore.  Musa Drammeh also works with Muhammed Bazzi. He was the one, who took Bazzi to Barrow,” said our source. 

Our sources on ground are closely monitoring developments. We will keep you posted with developments.

Efforts to reach Mai Fatty and the folks mentioned in the report for comment without success. The Bollore company could not be reached for their own side of the story.

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