Gambia: Interesting Revelations About The Owners Of Qcell; Muhammed Jah Is Not The Majority Shareholder!


Interesting revelations have emerged in regards to the ownership and shareholders of Qcell, a privately owned cellular phone company in The Gambia. Gambian business tycoon Muhammed Jah’s name often comes up each time Qcell is mentioned. Many Gambians think that Mr. Jah is the sole owner of the company, but to the contrary; he is not. The majority shareholders of the company are Indians. The company is partly owned by an Indian family.

Qcell is registered in the Gambia, as a company. Based on own investigations, Muhammed Jah, owns 33% of the company’s shares, while the Indian family owns 66% of the remaining shares of the company.

In fact, back in 2014, the Indian family wanted to sell their shares to a Senegalese firm called Orange Senegal. They were dissatisfied with  Jah’s handling of the company, according to sources reaching this medium.  Orange Senegal came to Banjul, and conducted due diligence about the company’s accounts, but they weren’t the least impressed by what they uncovered. 

For example, the two Mercedes Benzes Jah gave to former dictator Jammeh, was charged from the company’s accounts. That was one of the problems that Orange Senegal discovered during its investigations at the time.  Hence, the Senegalese company decided to back off from the sale deal, sources said.  

Interestingly, Yahya Jammeh served as a “look out for Jah” during the period in question when he (Jah) was experiencing strained relationship with his Indian business partners. The NIA does what it was good at by scaring people, who had problems with Jammeh’s buddies.

Mr. Jah also owns Espace Motors, which sells Chinese made vehicles. He sells vehicles to Qcells. All Qcell vehicles are purchased from Espace Motors, but the prices are inflated, our source alleged. The same applies to Samsung and the other businesses he operates in the Gambia. The Indians are still trying to sell their shares, our source intimated.

Muhammed Jah and Qcell could not be reached for comment.

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