Dear Editor, 

Please kindly allow me to respond to Mr Samba P Jallow’s recent attack on Mr Ebou Ngum who brilliantly exposed ungratefulness, dishonesty and disgraceful nature of leadership of GDC when Mr Kandeh claimed that “President Barrow’s government is worst than the former Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s regime of terror”. 
First of all , I would like to remind the readership about who is Samba P Jallow . Samba P Jallow is a tribalistic political operative who masterminded the recent tribal discord among the diaspora in various media platforms where he used pseudonyms to instill hatred and bigotry against mandinkas. This is evidenced when he was caught red handed using two fake names to instill hatred and bigotry in kaironews. Gambians would recall that immediately after the election of President Barrow and the formation of his cabinet, some GDC supporters and former APRC supporters have started to accuse President Barrow of presiding over tribal government or tribal preferential treatment of mandinkas. Samba P jallow is well known tribal ignorant bigot in this fake propaganda efforts with the sole purpose of instilling hatred and bigotry against the current government and people of The Gambia. 
Mr Jallow in his last article in respond to Mr Ngum, stated that; 
 ” Ebou might be completely out of touch as to the discontentment Gambians have , in regards to the widespread ethic hegemony of class domination and misplaced priorities perpetuated by the government “.  
The above comments from Mr Jallow who has recently appointed himself as a spokesman for The Gambia disgraceful congress ( GDC) , once again clearly shows the tribal vitriol against certain ethnic group which he believes is on the verge of political ,economic and social status dominance. This is the kind of negative and fake news that Mr Jallow and his colleagues continue to spin to seek attention and to label honest and decent people who have put their lives on the line to rescue and salvage the country from 22 years of military dictatorship. The leadership of The Gambia disgraceful congress (GDC) has played critical role in constitutional entrenchment of military dictatorship in The Gambia. Mr Mama Kandeh is not only a dishonest political opportunist but he is also disgraced politician who in fact has blood on his hands when he served as a National Assembly member for ten years, supported and advocated for the dictatorial policies or laws in The Gambia . In my article titled ” Why GDC Leader can’t Be Trusted ” , I have made my case why Mr Kandeh is not different from Dictator Yaya Jammeh . Here is the link to my article:
It is very clear that Mr Kandeh’s comparison of the current administration to Jammeh’s regime of terror is further evidence to indicate that Mr Kandeh is a national disgrace. Since president Barrow was elected, we have seen remarkable changes in political , economic and social development of The Gambian people. Politically , Mr Kandeh himself can freely express his ignorance and unsubstantiated claims without any consequences. It is the beauty of democracy to have constitutional rights of freedom of expression and association which Mr Kandeh helped the former Dictator Yaya jammeh to deny Gambians such basic constitutional rights . Here is a man who has given blind eye to all the atrocities committed under his watch as a National Assembly member for ten years . Mr Kandeh’s comparison of current government to 22 years of military dictatorship is an insult to the intelligence of Gambian people. Today , fathers , mothers , sons , daughters and uncles in every major town and small village can go to bed without thinking that their loved ones will be kidnapped during midnight. As we speak , there are number of masked graves which The Gambia police force are working hard to unearth so that victims and their families can have final closure and religiously fitting burials . Mr Kandeh was a very strong supporter of the regime who presided over worst human rights violations, a regime who killed its own people based on simple fact that they expressed different political views. 
The question I have for GDC and its leadership,  ” Do GDC leadership think that Gambian people are stupid enough to go back to 22 years of terror and economic prostitution which Mr Kandeh has built his political career on ?
 I  don’t think so . Therefore , the GDC leadership and surrogates must acknowledge that  they must first take personal responsibility for their failures in lack of vision and foresight when they supported and advocated for 22 years of constitutional entrenchment of military dictatorship in The Gambia. Mama Kandeh is a national disgrace who is morally and politically not qualified to lead a decent political party in The Gambia. 
Thank you. 
Written By Max
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