It appears very ridiculous and preposterous reading the malicious and hostile piece inscribed by Max on Freedom Newspaper, spouting unsubstantiated charges against me, I challenge Max to back up his charges and show us his evidences as to the pseudo accounts created to stir tribal disturbance. The era of cooking up stories to taint people’s image undeservedly is over, today; as our eyes become open, developing a political maturity, we are able to see and think for ourselves and make sound informed conclusions in regards to an Issue.

There is no moral justification to the dubious allegations about my character indicated by Max, it’s all utter ignorance, hate filled and a practice of deception to mislead the people, the downward course perpetrated by the so-called subservient defenders of the government are all crooks masquerading as democrats, its undemocratic, ascribing any member of the opposition who is critical of the government as tribal bigots, this is laughable and ludicrous, if the opposition and those with dissenting voices or opinions are tagged as bigots, unpatriotic citizens and hate inciters, then I think the word “opposition” need to be revisited, it is a total contradiction to what we fought for and the precept of democracy, the coalition government isn’t immune to criticism and no one is.

The Gambia is our birthplace, it is the country that we owe our entire life and identity, and a county to whose flag we’ve pledge allegiance to. We will never and ever watch idly by, allowing the country to take a downward trend and slide back to dictatorship. As the saying goes, it is easier to put out a fire in the beginning when it is small than after it has become a rolling blaze. Our government must understand and cooperate with the people, people have been misled and lied to and this isn’t compatible with the purpose why Gambians advocated and voted against Jammeh, our government must be competent and well managed, and be sensitive to the material need of the masses, and this is a clear contrary indication of incompetence and lack of readiness to govern effectively, there is no proper scheme in place to give Gambians an impression to have a solemn satisfaction that things will work out right in years to come, the country is still in stagnation, It is still where Jammeh left it. 

This has created a considerable anti feeling in break down of trust towards the government’s ways of doing things, and there is a looming question about some of our leaders morality. 

What Max failed to comprehend is, Gambians have learnt an arduous lesson of the past, in this connection, have every reason to look at the government with suspicion. We are acutely aware, that the president has a number of tools to use in domestic affairs, some granted by the constitution and others implied but additional limits needs to be put in place to avoid absolute power, that’s what you ought to be advocating, the issue of term limit, checks and balances, constitutional and electoral amendments to reflect a genuine democratic system not hate filled attacks and character assassination of a leader of an opposition party with constitutional safeguards, who is challenging  the government to govern justly and rightly and to respond to the elementary needs of the Gambian people.

Mamma Kandeh and the GDC leadership will continue to commit themselves and face challenges with strength and consistency. The extravagant display of hate by sympathizers of other political party or the so-called neutral analysts against the GDC is hypocritical and distasteful. Those who amass their forces in pursuit of distortive piece to negate GDC will fail woefully, no one can thrive to stay the advancement of the party, the good image will keep soaring throughout the nation..

Thank you..

Written By Samba P Jallow 

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