The lack of leadership direction in Adama Barrow’s government has led to some interest driven phony folks to capitalize on the current void to hijack the failing system, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Barrow’s government is one of the most inept and disruptive regime the Gambia has ever had. Hence, folks like Alhagie Conteh, the former Managing Director of NAWEC, now the CEO of the Dabanani company to storm offices lobbying for vendor contracts and so on.

Mr. Conteh is not operating in isolation. He has someone powerful people in the system backing him. Perhaps, the campaign contribution he made to Adama Barrow’s presidential bid had given him the leverage to organize sideshows on the sideline to get government contracts.

The Gambia National Petroleum Company (GNPC) was among the institutions that Mr. Conteh wanted to conduct business with it, but its Managing Director Abdoulie Jarra, was very frank with  him. He told him upfront that the contract for GNPC oil supply has been placed in the Newspapers for advertisement for prospective vendors to apply. The Daily Observer is among the papers running the GNPC advert. Mr. Jarra refused to entertain any backdoor business with Conteh. 

Guess what happen later? Conteh uses his connections at the State House to have Momodou Badjie, the fired GNPC official to be reinstated. Mr. Badjie is back at the GNPC. This was the guy charged alongside with Sirra Walley Njie and co.

If Mr. Jarra is fired in coming days, it might be related to his principle stance to oppose Conteh’s recent move to invade institutions asking MDS to patronize his company with contracts. He is an honest MD. 

Adama Barrow is a weak president. He is not ready for the task bestowed on him by Gambians. He allowed some folks with agendas to run the government. 

Thanks to Alhagie Conteh, Abdoulie Jammeh of the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority  has been reinstated. He claimed that he has been owed money by the GCAA  and as such Jammeh should be reinstated so that he can be paid. Mr. Barrow never hesitated to entertain Conteh’s demands.

Conteh also recommended Fatajo of NAWEC to be hired as MD. He is also among those running the show in Banjul.

Meanwhile, the State House is now becoming an insider trading outlet. Barrow was informed by one of his aides that his buddy Alhagie Conteh,  was contemplating setting up a political party. Barrow has since developed an unfamiliar attitude towards Conteh. 

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