While the Barrow government is preoccupied with availing justice to the victims and families, who suffered under the brutal tyrannical rule of former dictator Yahya Jammeh, massive corruption and abuse of office allegedly perpetrated by security agencies such as the police needs to be investigated in the interest of getting to the bottom of the truth as to what transpired in terms of corruption during Jammeh’s rule.

Today, we remind the police command about the unresolved murder case of a Nigerian man, who goes with the first name Muhammed, and was murdered in Bakoteh, back in 1995/1996 thereof, following a drug dispute Muhammed had with a fellow Nigerian drug lord. Pa Sheriff Mbye was the Police Commissioner in charge of Crime Management. His Assistant was Yankuba Sonko, the current Inspector General of police. Foreign currency amounting to close to million dollars was found at the deceased’s home, shortly after the alleged murder occurred.

To be precise, on the day in question CMC Pa Mbye, his Deputy Yankuba Sonko, and one police Constable Cham from Sukuta, visited the scene of the crime, where the necessary investigations were conducted. Muhammed was staying at the Bakoteh layout near the little tree scout complex. His drug lord partner, who was visiting from Bahamas at the time had a dispute with in regards to an alleged drug consignment he gave Muhammed, but Muhammed couldn’t account for the proceeds derived from the drug sale. He was stabbed to death by the accused. He tried fleeing his house, but later collapsed at a nearby home, where he met his untimely death.

While CMC Pa Mbye, Yankuba Sonko, and Constable Cham were at the deceased’s home, his roommate told them that Muhammed has concealed in a television box monies he was supposed to deliver to the accused. He also said money was also concealed in the roof.

The investigators could not immediately quantify the amount of money recovered from the deceased’s room. But sources said close to million dollars was found at the scene of the crime.

The deceased, his roommate and the accused person were all taken to the police headquarters. Mr. Mbye, Sonko, and Cham also left with the recovered money.

The matter was taken to the High Court for prosecution. The accused was later set free on bail, while Muhammed’s roommate was released unconditionally.

During the trial of the accused, the judge who was overseeing the case, a Nigerian National decided to rescue himself from the proceedings because he and the accused attend the same church. That he might be render justice on the matter—given his close ties with the accused. Consequently, the trial was halted.  No decision was reached on the accused’s case.

Tonight, we asked former CMC Pa Sheriff Mbye, Yankuba Sonko, and co what happen to the case of Muhammed? What happen to the monetary exhibits you recovered from the deceased’s home?

The Barrow government should look into the activities of the police under Jammeh’s rule. Gambians would be shocked at the end of the day by the amount of revelations that would be uncovered at the police during Jammeh’s watch as the president of this country.

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