It is now official! She is our De facto Vice President, even though she has been disqualified by virtue of the Constitution. Grandma Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, is running around with a cap—with the “OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT” inscription acronym on it. Interesting times Gambia. The National Assembly should speed up repealing that draconian discriminatory law so that she can accomplish her long dream of becoming a Vice president. Halifa Sallah, do not oppose Ba Tambadou’s proposed bill to cater for Grandma and shortly old Pa Darboe. Grandma deserves to be accorded the prestige of serving as a VP. She worked so hard for it. She was at the forefront of the “Kalama revolution.” At the time, her boss Adama Barrow, dares hit the streets. He was nowhere to be seen when Ousainou and co were going to court.

Folks bashing grandma on social media and the online radios, should calm down and allow Grandma to enjoy her life. She is aging. She wants to enjoy the remainder of her life. 

Grandma has a track record of serving her country from her own pocket. She used to travel to represent the former Jammeh regime at international conferences at her own expense. She was never reimbursed for her expenses. She was the Minister of Health.

At the time, the Jammeh regime, was cash trapped. Notwithstanding, she decided to use her remaining meager savings from her former UN job to bailout the former government.

She was rewarded with a sack. She told me in an interview “son even if I die, I will not let go the monies owed to me by the Jammeh government. I will make sure that any future government that assumes the presidency, will refund me my money. I have asked my family to claim the money when I die” Deggit!

Grandma has started cashing in. She is being paid travel and per diem allowances by the new government. Staffers at her office are even complaining about her endless overseas trips.

Within this short period of time, Grandma has amassed a lot of money. Finance Ministry records showed that she has been paid over million dalasis per diem allowances. She is living large these days. 

The other day, Grandma’s Permanent Secretary Nancy Mendy Nyang, was on the phone executing errands for Grandma. We were amazed by what we heard on the phone while at the VP overseer’s lobby. We will not divulge the information for now.  

Ms. Mendy and Grandma both studied in France at the same time. They are closed buddies. She is Grandma’s most trusted aide. She has been working in government prior to Grandma assuming that office. 

For those of you who doesn’t know Ms. Mendy, she is a sister to Pa Musa Jallow, Jammeh’s most short-lived Secretary General. She shared the same mum with Pa Musa.

Grandma is overseeing  the vetting committee in Barrow’s government. Those applying for jobs must pass through her. She determines who should be hired in this new administration.

The former strugglers should avoid pissing off Grandma. If you want a job, you must reduce the rhetoric online. Get that!

Grandma, extend my regards to your office staff. The world is watching!

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