Contrary to earlier reports or sources, I can confirm Femi Peters is Gambia’s Ambassador designate to Sierra Leone. Mr. Peters has indeed accepted the job and will soon take office in Freetown. My source revealed Mr. Peters welcomed his appointment as a privilege to continue serving The Gambia. Mr. Peters, my source disclosed, in no way, sees this job as a reward for his past opposition activities. He believes he has the competence to represent The Gambia at the diplomatic level, especially Sierra Leone, where he has ancestral links.
My source further revealed that, prior to the unofficial circulation of the news about the appointments of the new ambassadors, each individual was verbally consulted by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During this contact, job offers were made, acceptance secured orally and the offer letters followed. This is the way government business operate. It would be embarrassing for offer letters to be sent out without consultation, only for the candidates to decline. It is worth noting, too, that some of the new ambassadors lobbied for their positions.
With regards to Mr. Peters’ situation, it is rumored his preference is the United Kingdom, which position has gone to Francis Blain. London is a strategic diplomatic post in foreign affairs. As far as Gambia is concerned, the Ambassador will have the added privilege of overseeing Commonwealth matters. Mr. Blain, it is reported, is an accomplished diplomat, having worked for The Gambia foreign service and the United Nations. Mr. Blain is viewed as better equipped, in terms of experience, to manage Gambia’s return to the Commonwealth, and towards restoring relations with the United Kingdom to the pre-Jammeh era.   
Written By Lamin Njie 
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