Gambia Football Stakeholders Call For Immediate Press Conference Within Five Days

By Ousman B Kinteh. 20 May, 2017

“We need to call for a press conference as soon as possible and let the cats out of the bag. Waiting game should end now. Let those questions be answered and the time for that should be within five days and therefore we convene a meeting of all sports enthusiasts and journalists both print and electronic media to give them what they thought would never be seen” said former Gambia football association second vise president Buri Darboe.

The manipulations have been going for so long. We are really fed . The parliamentary select committee for sports should quickly call for a probe in to the activities of the Gambia football federation. The investigation should cover far back from the dissolution and banning  of Seedy Kinteh led Association and the Dissolution and banning of Mustapha kebbeh led team. There was too much government interference and that also resulted to the turmoil in Baku Sports committee, Brikama Sports committee , Serekuda west , Serekunda Central and now even Serekunda East was not spared. The era of silence is over and the truth shall always set us free.

Statement and questions from veteran journalist Alhagie Essa Jallow :

“I had gone into hibernation as far as Gambian football was concern but after that scatological statement from GFF in response to their perceived enemies, I had no choice but to speak again. The duo Ousman B Kinteh and Buba Jallow have just scratched the surface and what will come to light will send heads spinning and some people should be very worried. When I read GFF’s statement, it left me wondering the motive behind throwing punches at mere sports enthusiasts. The statement didn’t look like an official reaction but an emotionally charged argument.  I reproduced Buba Star Janneh’s reaction to the statement because it raised some serious issues we need to look at. In his response Star Janneh recalled when the entire GFF executive was detained for more than a week following that infamous age cheating saga. 

The GFF statement mentioned that this executive was elected into office in a free and fair election. However events that led to that so-called free and fair poll were despicable. Former sports minister Alieu K Jammeh was the key architect in dismantling the Kebbeh led executive, and he should answer the following questions I want to ask ?

  1. What happened to the police report Buba Janneh mentioned?
  2. Why was Titao Mendy sacked?
  3. Why was Malang Jassey bizarrely transferred to the department of forestry?

These are few questions I want to ask Alieu K Jammeh and those who knew what transpired. It’s time to tell the truth. I can tell you that I have tracked that police report all the way from the Police headquarters to the president’s office and to the attorney general chambers. Therefore a lot more people knew the truth but are sitting on it. The excuse was people were too scared to speak and the whole thing was kept under wraps. Now that you are beyond the reach of the long arm of the Banjul Emperor, you should speak. I know what is in that report.  So nowhere to hide.

Now that former GFF executive members are defending themselves, the coming days will see the GFF cage severely rattled. 

In Brikama Alieu K Jammeh again played a pivotal role in dismantling the structures there and Satayba seem to back to square one. Again Alieu K Jammeh set an enquiry there and the report is never made public. I want to ask Ba Jabbie the following question ?

  1. What was your finding and why was it not made public?
  2. What were your recommendations?

I know the content of that report too but I want Ba Jabbie to make it public because it was public resources that was put into that effort”. Alhagie Essa Jallow statement ended.

All the professional painters in The Gambia are engaged to paint the Gambia football federation House from GREEN to YELLOW but can they succeed? The Gambia football federation president Lamin Kaba Bajo has politicise our football and he now wants to distance himself from former President, Jammeh and get close to Ousainou Darboe. We are aware of your visits with Bakary Jammeh to UDP leader Ousainou Darboe and some UDP politicians.

It has never happened in the history of GFF, a president instructing all the 1st and 2nd Division teams to forcefully go and work on the farms of former dictator Yahya Jammeh in Kanilai. The Gambia National Team could not win a single game since Lamin Kaba Bajo came as a president of GFF but succeeded in turning our players and GFF officials as farmers in Kanilai. Some big clubs Real De Banjul will always make sure they put on Green T.Shirts to impress the big man.

We thank God at least this year our players will not dress in Green and farm at Kanilai.

I never know that Lamin Kaba Bajo is this low-keyed in administration despite his experience as a former minister, governor and diplomat. Why cant you resist criticism a bit.

All what is happening in Gambia football is in the open so don’t try to deceive us. How can you distance yourself from your former Boss, Yaya Jammeh when you use his Kanilia football club to be nominated in GFF election.

Don’t think that you and Bakary Jammeh are deceiving Gambia football fraternity. We are counting your every step and very soon you will return to where you belong.

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