Gambia: To the New Gambia government ministers: Hello!


For the past three months two cabinet ministers were credited with lot of actions. They are Honorable Mai Fatty and Honorable Ba Tambedou. Whether the actions undertaken were positive or negative, they are a welcome move, it is better than inaction and naturally one cannot satisfy every one at the same time.

Yesterday Honorable Ousainou Darboe took a bold move in revamping the diplomatic missions. A highly welcome positive move indeed appreciated by many Gambians. Credit also goes to Hon Darboe for spearheading the recent Chinese $50 million grant for the building of a new Conference Center. Big up Big Brother Darboe keep it coming Sir.

Hello! Hon DA Jawo, where are we with the reductions of the telecommunication and Internet tariffs? Gambia has the highest tariffs worldwide. It is not fair for Gambians and businesses. How about the new radio and TV licenses? What’s going on with the media law reforms? We are hungry for positive news Brother Jawo, specially, when you were with us in the diaspora struggling and fighting to defeat Ex Dictator Jammeh. We need your urgent actions Sir.

Hello! Honorable Hamat Bah my good friend. Where are you? I hope you are not busy taking care of your hotel and forgetting to give us the taxpayers our share. Lol. What is going on in your ministry Sir? We have not heard from you since you were called Honorable Minister. The tourism sector being the third biggest industry in the Gambia what are your plans to improve the sector? The grace period is now over my friend and we want to see positive delivery of the mission entrusted to you Sir.

Mr. President Barrow, what are your other ministers doing to improve the lives of Gambians? What about the Environment with the beach erosion threatening the hotels? What about the Lands grabbing by Ex-president Yaya Jammeh? I personally saw 44 Agricultural land tittle deeds all in the name of Yaya Jammeh not to mention the crazy fencing of the coastal beaches supposedly own by Jammeh.

Hello! Health Minister. Hello Education Ministers. Hello Trade Minister. Hello! Environment Minister. Hello! Koto Honorable OJ Jallow and Brother Honorable James Gomez. Gambians are eagerly awaiting your positive actions after being five months in office. Please update us on your achievements and projects to feed our hopes for a better Gambia.

It’s been five months now and politics and elections are over.

It is now time for delivery on the economy and the general welfare of Gambians.

We know it is not easy to fix, it requires hard work and selfless commitment but the Gambia is now benefiting from a worldwide goodwill that should be exploited in the fullest before it dies down.

We hope to hear from all of you honorable ministers with positive news.

We want you to prove that you deserve our tax monies and the trust bestowed on you.

We hope and pray that each of your travel missions will bring, funds, grants and projects for the poor people of the Gambia.

Thank you.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.

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