Mr. Editor, I will make this article short because I am literally headed out to talk to someone this morning. I am pleased to inform you a great friend of mine that I have started working on a Dissertation Proposal for a PhD program maybe this Fall if I go elsewhere in the U.S or next year if I go to the University of Washington. I am going to be talking to you on so many fronts later.

Right, I read the article on freedom newspaper online a while ago in which Pa Njie Girigara asserted that Muhammed Jah should be denied a TV license. I must confess it is a well written article for so many reasons but I kind of disagree on the TV license part. In the first place, I totally agree with Pa Njie Girigara about the enormous contribution Fatoumatta Tambajang made in the present air of change in the Gambia. I am convinced we can attribute that she is the “doyen of change” in the present Gambia and she is indeed a “very intelligent star for politicians “as per Pa Njie Girigara. Come to say it again, Fatoumatta Tambajang and other women came out in large numbers and bravely protested the tyranny of Yahya Jammeh in a politically tensed environment and under the steaming sun almost every day. In addition, she also contributed a lot in forming the coalition that eventually defeated Yahya Jammeh. Therefore, I am not too disturbed about how old she is although many online pundits believe to the contrary. To me, anything is better than Yahya Jammeh.

With regards to the GDC, I also agree with Pa Njie Girigara that him supporting them does not mean committing political suicide. The GDC was a blessing in disguise for the coalition. In an earlier article, I did compare the GDC to a “guerilla government” for the simple reason that they maintained a foot dragging position despite many meetings with the other parties and eventually they decided to go on their own. Well, they contributed a great deal eventually in the coalition winning because the votes they won would have gone to Yahya Jammeh at all cost.

With regards to the TV license to Muhammed Jah, I disagree with Pa Njie Girigara on that part. I am of the conviction that he should be granted the license as a Gambian entrepreneur. I do not see his role as dominating every aspect of business in the Gambia and I am sure other people with resources can compete with him. I see Muhammed Jah as a “community based participator”. He has invested so much in the Gambia and has employed a lot of Gambians in all his businesses. What more can be said other than the fact that he has contributed a lot to our communities. As a former boss stated to me in a dissertation I wrote way back in 2001 when I was in College in England “sustainable human community development can only be enhanced within the context of a community based participator” (Cham, O. 2001).

Muhammed Jah to me and to so many like-minded Gambians fits this statement and for that matter I am of the conviction that the TV license should be granted to him when he applies for it. Also, with regards to banking, I believe the Arab Gambian Islamic Bank was on sale and Muhammed Jah went in for it. I am not sure if there is any evidence that Yahya Jammeh supported him to buy the Bank. Prior to Jah buying the bank, it was mostly owned by Nigerians so we should be proud that a Gambian now owns it. Let’s take Yahya Jammeh out of that equation.

Written by Ebou Ngum in Everett Washington.               

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