What on earth is happening in the Republic of The New Gambia amid a rain forest of new Ambassadorial appointments.

All around the world, countries and governments are trying to reduce/cut the cost of government while our small bankrupt country, The Gambia, recovering from the Kleptocracy of Jammeh and his band of robbers and criminals is doing the complete opposite.

Before Jammeh, the country used to accredit Ambassadors to cover a group of countries based on geographical; strategic and economic considerations.

For example,  London, Lagos(Abuja) and Jeddah used to cover different countries in this manner. Today, Pretoria or Lusaka could cover all the SAEDEC countries and Dar or Kampala the EAEA countries. London and Senegal are unique but both of them could and the former does cover other countries in their geographical sphere. London used to cover Denmark and other European countries and could easily possibly cover even Turkey today.

After all, to build solid bilateral relations and cooperation does not necessary require opening a mission  everywhere considering the cost of salaries; office and staff accommodation transport and fuel; utilities and the proverbial dustbin, Miscellaneous. The proliferation of Ambassadors At – Large is equally baffling. What a prospect for a diplomatic mambo jumbo and quagmire.

When ministries were created or new missions opened, they were properly costed in the first place.

And in a similar vein what about overseas travel these days? Who controls it? It appears every Ministry decides individually. Not only should the Travel Committee be brought back but all ministerial and.civil service travel should be approved by the President and the Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service respective as used to be the case.The vote should be centralized and brought back  
under the PMO. The country is already bankrupt but at this rate worst is still to come.

It is therefore pertinent and instructive to ask about financial discipline and management. Are these not issues for the Office of the President;  the Ministry of Finance and Economic  Affairs and indeed the entire government; and even more importantly the general public and the tax payer? And crucially how well will this sort of situation go down with the World Bank and the  IMF? Not very well I surmise! So we better watch this space as a day of reckoning beacons upon us.

The points raised here are applicable to every single institution in The New Gambia and should pave the way for a wide national conversation before we are engulfed by organised chaos.

And sadly Jammeh’s fingerprints and footprints remain all over the place, with some of.his most notorious enablers still walking around freely and remaining in situation  in key positions or being placed in them.

By a very concerned Gambian citizen.

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