Max O Max,

Brother Max thanks for shedding light on my rejoinder Jah/Njie article.

That said Max, how many times should I tell you that I have never been an official member of any political party in the Gambia in my 40 years of political activism and intent to remain so. The reason is that I want to be seen to support the oppressed people of the Gambia at all times regardless of which political party is in power.

With this position of mine I am free to flow. I love and cherish my total political independence.

Secondly when I supported the GDC in July 2016, you people were not interested in participating in the October 2016 elections. Right.

You did not believe that elections could remove Jammeh from power. I had to do a lot online propaganda to convince the diaspora that it was possible to beat Jammeh in the October elections whiles the UDP and PDOIS were blindly fighting with notions of party lead and convention lead methods for the selection of the candidate flag bearer.

It was only when GDC was up and running that you and all other politicians suddenly decided to partake in the elections and the UDP succumbed to Halifa’s convention led method. Right.

Here I must give credit to Aja Fatumata Jallow Tambajang the main architect in making sure Adama Barrow won the flag bearership to the detriment of Halifa Sallah who had no other choice but to bow and accept. LOL!

Today I must also confess that Madame Tambajang is the smartest politician within the UDP. Very smart Lady indeed as I see her maneuvering in making sure OJ, Mai Fatty and Henry Gomez gave their 70 convention delegates to UDP’s Adama Barrow. That’s the truth. Kudos! To her political intelligence acumen, and decisive diplomacy in making sure Adama Barrow became President.

I enjoyed the unfolding of the ‘Barra Yeggo” movie and said to myself whatever even if I had much sympathy on Halifa Sallah loosing at the convention contest Jammeh the criminal will go and go for good. Fair enough as in politics maneuvers as essential and important as ideology. Thanks to Madame Tambajang the UDP is in power today. So if people wonder why the vice presidency is put on hold let them read this article to understand why. Great Mama Tambajang, I will never underestimate her, she is a very intelligent star for politicians on the ground and can dribble anyone of them except me Loll!

Flashback! By that time I had already given my word to GDC well before you people decided to partake in the elections and those who know me will accept and approve that that I always keep my promises no matter what the circumstances even it means loosing another opportunity.

Thirdly Max, if you think that I committed political suicide by remaining with the GDC then you do not understand the political dynamics of that time and have a lot to learn in politics. I was on the ground throughout and could see and feel everything unfolding leading to the elections. Brother Max be honest and tell the readers what would have happen to the 89000 votes if GDC dropped out of the presidential race or join the Coalition? Mystery indeed. The gap between Barrow and Jammeh was extremely narrow but our work and prayers did the rest. Thank GOD.

Those votes or most of it could have easily gone to Jammeh, as most of the GDC supporters were ex-APRC supporters. That’s the undeniable fact. Barrow could have never won the elections if the GDC did not split the APRC voters. That was the reality that all apolitical and non-partisan Gambians understood whiles you the die heart UDP militants refuse to accept. Didn’t Pa Njie Girigara support the UDP in the 2011 elections when the political landscape was most uncertain and dangerous? Of course I did and you know it.

Finally Max you should accept that any opposition to Jammeh at that material time was one big family and that’s the way I saw it and many other Gambians indeed.

I did not discriminate between opposition parties pre-Jammeh era because I knew with that configuration in place he would loose the elections and thank GOD Jammeh is now history.

Now we are in post-Jammeh era. What do we have in the House today? Isn’t it a strange bedfellow UDP/APRC former MPs coalition for the parliamentary elections? Loll! You see how dynamics can change the political landscape? Your enemy yesterday can today be your friend. You see how smart Madame Tambajang is? Huumm!

Max as long you perceive some people and the GDC party that fought Jammeh in last October elections as your enemies, then you are not a good student of Madame Tambajang school of thought’s philosophy, ideology and diplomacy.

“Mbakoko Max etefaana” Loll! You miserably fail the test on Tambajang political science course 101.

Finally back to the issue of economic patriotism, here you are all right and on point all the way in you’re your assertions on who is who in the Gambian business community. I totally agree with your position in this regard. No further comments.

By the way Brother Muhamed Jah and all other former Jammeh business enablers should not depend on this new government to continue their business activities.

He had enough support from Jammeh by getting three licenses for Telecoms, Internet and Banking. That’s enough for him.

Wanting president Barrow and the new government to grant him another TV license is just sheer greediness. Let the media practitioners who never got anything from Jammeh get their fair share of the media business activities.

Muhamed Jah should simply be denied a TV license from this new government.

Thank you so much Brother Max.

Have a nice weekend.

“Sorry for the long article I do hope it is useful to the esteem readers.”

Pa Njie Girigara.

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