Gambia’s rookie president Adama Barrow, suddenly fell asleep during the Arab Islamic—American Summit held in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, where the United States President Donald Trump, addressed world leaders, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Barrow, who was sitting next to his Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe, was half of the time sleeping during the conference. Barrow’s napping picture went viral on social media, as it was widely shared in social media platforms such as twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, and Facebook. Gambians around the world were saddened by Barrow’s conduct at the meeting. They felt being underrepresented at at the meeting since Barrow was napping. 

This was Mr. Barrow’s first international trip to attend such an important conference. The conference was aimed at intensifying global efforts to fight terror. President Trump used his address to reach out to the Arab world, including Heads of State present at the summit to compliment the United States’ efforts to end terrorism.

Sadly, the Gambian leader was missing in action at the meeting. He was busy taking a nap. His blinded supporters on social media tried to downplay the embarrassing story by posting napping images of other leaders. They made desperate attempts to spin the story to deflect citizens from low energy Barrow’s conference napping without much success. No one bought their cooked and bull stories. 

Mr. Barrow appeared fatigue on the picture circulating on social media. It appears that he hasn’t slept for days. This was evident on his lack of attention to details during the important conference.

Barrow’s critics opine that Barrow is unfit to lead the impoverished West African nation—given his lack of energy to stay for an hour without napping. Low energy Barrow has shamed his countrymen during his trip to Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Barrow has a history of napping during public functions. He was pictured napping during his nationwide tour in the just concluded  Legislative elections campaign. 

Mr. Barrow is expected to return to Banjul in coming hours. He travelled with a sizable delegation to Saudi Arabia, with a rented aircraft.

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