There is a shadow government in Banjul, orchestrated by the De Facto Vice president overseer Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow. Ms. Jallow is pulling the strings in Barrow’s government. She is virtually in control of all money-making institutions, as she strategized to outsource institutions and place her loved ones, friends, and surrogates to key positions in government. This is the woman heading the employment vetting committee. She determines who should hired after the so called vetting has been carried out.

Mr. Assan Faal, a former Financial broker in the United States and was banned by the Feds, was hired to head Gambia’s Investment agency—GEIPA—thanks Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow’s monopoly of the Barrow government. He is the eye, and ear of Ms. Jallow at GEIPA.

Her latest quest is to install Jarranka Jallow, a relative of her at the Gambia Public Regulatory Authority (PURA). Jarraka has been groomed to replace Solo. This is the plot in the making.

Ms. Tambajang Jallow is not alone in this conspiracy to swindle Gambia’s meager revenue base. She is working with Adama Barrow to milk future investors in this country. Hence, this has led to the setting up of an office for Trade and Investment at the office of the president. Mr. Yankuba Saidy, has been appointed Permanent Secretary in charge of Investment at the office of the President.

Ms. Jallow’s goal is to control the Gateway project. If Jarranka Jallow is appointment to replace Solo, this will avail Ms. Tambajang the opportunity to further accomplish her goal of controlling money making institutions in the country.

Clearly, she is undermining the Trade Minister Isatou Touray.  These are not within her purview, but she is working very hard to control Trade, Investment, Telecommunication, and Finance. She is working with her daughter, and relative Alpha Barry to pursue her sheer greed for money and material world.

Ms. Tambajang has made a request for the state to refurbish her rented property. The property was rented to her by her relative Alpha Barry. She wants $100,000 dollar from the government to refurbish the rented private residence. Her daughter is going to oversee the project, based on the information we received. She is waiting on Barrow’s return so that her request can be approved.

“President Barrow is always in agreement with her. He is only concern about the amount of money he is making from each deal. Barrow is not ready to rule Gambia. He is in it for the money. The man doesn’t even read contracts. He just asked for an oral summary and just signed. We are in deep shit. There is a shadow government within the government headed by Aja Fatoumatta Tambajang. She doesn’t want anyone to be close to the vice Presidential post. She doesn’t want Isatou Touray to shine in this government. She is closely protecting the post. Barrow is under her thump. The office of trade and investment was her brain child and her people, including her daughter, who is not employed by any ministry, unless it was done in secret. She is already chairing meetings at the Ministry of Trade. This is not a serious government. They do not care about checks and balances,” said our source.

“ While Darboe and co are obsessed with party politicking, the lady is busy getting wealthy at the expense of the Gambian nation together with our lame-duck President.  Unless the plot is not rescinded, Solo of PURA will soon be shown the exit door. Plans are afoot to replace him with Jarraka Jallow, a relative of Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow,” our source added.

Ms. Tambajang Jallow could not be reached for comment.

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