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It was some time ago, around 2011 after massive victory gained by ex-president Jammeh in Gambia, during which I wrote to him a letter. Contents of that letter included my advice to him personally, that he should put heads together including me, in order to put an end to the core factors that are frustrating Gambians towards his regime, and is never too late to amend or change.

I told him outright that, if he don’t put things right, then the upcoming of 2016 election will not be easy to his party (APRC government).

He never listen to what I was saying, but today the outcome of his office malpractices and bad governance have back fire on him through December 2016 election.

I hereby give similar advice to President Barrow, especially matters concerning the Chinese Company in Gunjur, if the Coalition government doesn’t put an end to the Chinese Company which is littering the environment of Gunjur that could lead to a demonstration which will tarnish or turn down the image of President Barrow’s government.

By: Pa Modou Jarra

Sukuta Kombo North

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