Dear Pa,

I want to register my appreciation for your unflinching stance to make sure that Gambians are informed not with bogus or propaganda information, but you are bent on getting the right information from the right sources in your relentless journalistic pursuit of the truth.
Without you today the struggle that saw a dictator rejected at the polls would not have been achieved. My only concern now is your position not to continue addressing the damaging issue of tribalism which is breaking our society and detrimental to our existence as a united country.
The problem emerging from the GRA vehicles is part of another form of tribalism. How can the entire top management of the Central Bank be dismissed leaving Yankuba Darboe and his corrupt support staff at the GRA. I may not belabor myself here to try and externalize all the fraud and the way GRA was complicit in helping Yaya Jammeh’s businesses to flourish without paying a single tax when businesses of poor and struggling Gambians have been forced to shut down because of huge tax liabilities based on wrongful assessment etc.
It is a known fact now that any institution that is headed by Mandinka should not be touched. That is blatant injustice and nepotism at the highest order which must be addressed before it destroys our society. Selective justice has no place in today’s Gambia. No person should be single out for special treatment in the fight against graft and corruption..
Written By An Insider 
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