Education is the key to national development dixit Professor Baba Galeh Jallow.

Honorable Minister of Higher education,

We are approaching the summer school holidays and this period should the opportune moment to invite the Gambian Diaspora University and College Lecturers to a national educational conference in the Gambia with a view of building a Government/Univ. Lecturer agreement. As such I make following proposals.

  • Pay their air tickets as goodwill gesture to come attend this valuable patriotic educational conference in the Gambia.
  • Propose them to come back home to contribute their national quota with adequate benefits offered commensurate to the newly appointed Supreme and Appeal court Judges.
  • Grant them assurance of their academic and teaching independence in educational delivery to our University and other schools of Higher Learning.
  • Grant them a minimum of ten years contract.

If the above conditions are met I am confident that some of them will make the national sacrifice to contribute to our national educational development efforts.

Just as Honorable Lordship Justice Mam Yassin Sey did, some of these professors have the added means of bringing books, lab equipment, aids and visiting Emeriti Renowned professors on visiting lecture missions just as the medical doctors do in the health field.

This route will greatly improve the quality of education in country with relative cost.

By doing so only bright students and specializing Gambian graduates will be sent abroad for specializations with government loan conditioned on service contract or through international scholarships and grants from the friends of the Gambia.

There hundreds of Gambian university and college lecturers in the diaspora and am confident some of them will be willing to serve provided the above incentives are met for a maximum upkeep of a decent standard of living at home.

Honorable minister time is of essence and the above proposal depends on timing.

Thank you for your attention.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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