Kudos! To you Hon Minister for freezing Jammeh’s assets in the Gambia. This is indeed very pleasant news to Gambians? Besides the arresting of Jammeh’ criminal notorious gang this information is the best Ramadan gift to Gambians who fought and chased the criminal chief thief Jammeh out of town. May Allah’s rewards of the Ramadan blessings shower on you and the country to higher heights.

Here is another bombshell that you and your colleague Hon. DA Jawo should investigate further and shed light on. Yaya Jammeh looted Gamtel big time since 2002 and Gamtel and Gamcel staff can attest to what I am going to reveal in public today.

Some time back in 2001/2002, Yaya Jammeh installed a termination call switch at the state house to receive ALL the incoming international calls to Gambia except from Senegal. All the international proceeds from this service were pocketed by Jammeh himself whiles Gamtel had only chicken change in distributing those calls in their local network. The Call detail records (CRD) are with Gamtel and if not destroyed to hide traces it will however create monthly CDR gaps to confirm the fraud.

Yaya Jammeh was illegally making nothing less than one million US dollars per month from the switch installed at State House.  I repeat a switch installed at the state house indeed. Some Gamtel staff witness the installation process and know every detail of it.

When I exposed the scheme on freedom newspaper back in 2009 under pseudo name, Yaya was advised to un-installed the switch from the state house and continue the business by contracting the service of foreign companies and continue the deal up to his ousting from the president’s office.

With my experience in telecoms I believe from 2002 to 2010 that is 96 months times minimum $1million a month meaning Jammeh stole well over $96 millions from Gamtel in that period alone. You may investigate and find out what transpired from 2010 onwards.

Yaya Jammeh came to power just to fill his bottomless pockets whiles killing Gambians, to make them shut up over his widespread looting of the Gambian economy specially the telecoms sector. Period.

One can safely predict with small margin of error that Jammeh stole over $150 million dollars from Gamtel incoming call termination revenues over the years. Patriotic and honest Gamtel staff should come forward and attest to what I advance in this article. Jammeh ruined Gamtel very badly and brought the company to its knees.  Today Gamcel is ranking a shameful third operator position in the Gambia far bellow Africel and Comium thanks to Yaya Jammeh’s predatory financial gangsterism. What a big shame for Gamtel compared to Sonatel of Senegal, which is still the lead operator in all aspects of the industry despite having two other competing operators in the market.

Shame on Jammeh and his business cronies who butchered Gamtel big time.

Jammeh discovered the lucrative nature of telecoms back in 2001 when he was introduced and encouraged to enter the telecoms market by corrupt business people whiles showing him the huge figures of foreign exchange earnings involved in incoming call terminations. Gamtel used to be the most profitable company in the Gambia and was helping the economy with huge foreign exchange earnings sold the banking sector before Jammeh came to power. Old Gambian bankers will attest to this fact. Gamtel was the pride of Gambians the world over and a shining star in the sub-region far ahead of Sonatel in those days. But today Gamtel is like a midget to Sonatel that spread its tentacles in four West African countries thanks the non-interference of the executive in the business sector.

Honorable I heard you saying that the present international termination contract cannot be terminated for three years for fear of being taken to court. Can you please publish the contract for public scrutiny? Honorable we as business people know that each and every commercial contract in this world has a termination clause with three to six months notice or maximum one year for this kind of service contract by either parties involve. I encourage you to invoke this clause and give back Gamtel what they rightfully own. Their businesses were forcefully stolen from them by criminal Yaya Jammeh and his corrupt business cronies.

Please liaise your honorable colleague DA Jawo the incorruptible minister with whom you share the same ethics and integrity and dig deeper into Jammeh’s dirty hands in the telecoms industry starting from 2002. You will be amazed with the findings and Gambians will faint when they see the numbers. More corrupt than Yaya Jammeh you simply die.

Good luck to you and the sincere investigators who will be helping you uncover the huge financial blunder Jammeh inflicted in Gamtel over the years.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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