A rioting Farato youth, holding a poster which reads ” We are sick and tired of  UDP ” sends a clear signal to the Barrow regime that there is a growing resentment against the status quo.  As reported earlier, there was a massive destruction to property during the bloody riot. The Farato youths are wild. They have rendered the locality inhabitable for hours prior to calm return to the area. There was confusion all over the place. 

An audio file circulating on Whatsapp, featuring some APRC supporters have called for the return of dictator Jammeh into the country. The people talking on the background accused Adama Barrow of being inept and liability to the country. They said while Jammeh was in power such madness never happen in the country. Hence, the APRC supporters are calling for the return of their leader. 

The PIU officers were chased by the protesters. Some had to retreat from the scene of the protest to seek cover. The army later showed up to reinforce the PIU officers.

Farato, was in flames on Tuesday. The police post was closed at some point during the riot. The protesters nearly overpowered the police.

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