Good morning President Barrow, All is not well with Gambian football
23 May, 2017
Lamin Kaba Bajo the president of the GFF is at the wrong place at the wrong time.
The Gambia sports minister Henry Gomez indicated that our sports is zero and that he will take it to 100, going to the extend of saying he wants Gambian football to be like Germany. The sports fraternity and administration is filled with corruption and ways of getting the process of retrieving our sports is transparency and the right personnel.
Last summer Africell sponsored to air Euro2016, earlier this year Gamcel covered the African Cup of Nation on GRTS. Two companies who should be leading figures in promoting football in the Gambia, for a stepping stone for Banks & other companies, aren’t engaged or interested. Why has the Lamin Kaba Bajo led committee failed to secure any of these telecommunication to invest in sports likewise famous business men? Does it mean that Kaba and Co sign only dollars sponsorship…Africell is all over the place when it comes to sponsoring  how often do they dig in their pockets to make their presence felt for Gambian football? Something is not right somewhere.
There is no money going into improving the parks or increasing the comfort of fans within parks, this affects attendance. Commercialisation and globalisation of football seems to have left Gambia behind. Another week passed , almost 10 countries crowned league champions in their leagues , I wonder when will our league have sponsors and when will clubs have their sponsors too. We have heard a lot of stakeholders but now I want to hear investors and sponsors.
Will leave you with Paul Kagame’s quote ” In Africa , we recognise that trade and investment, and not aid , are pillars of development.
Therefore the big Fish in the GFF are corrupted because they are never accounted nor audited, which the minster of sports have to double check. A whole transformation should be executed in order to achieve our destined results. GFF is “full of people who know nothing about football and who make decisions according to their own whims, to the detriment of the laws that govern our football”. 
Prior to Kaba’s travel to Bahrain he was in Zambia  as match commissioner in African cup of Nation U20. Senegal, South Africa, Zambia and Guinea represented the continent. Did Kaba get any motivation to see that the right structures of youth football is in its right direction for the Gambia? Kaba should learn how to listen more, how to prioritize better and determine when to step back.
Lamin Kaba will always travel  left -right to meetings but is he really learning and does his trips bring good to our football? The answer is NO, all those travels are catered from CAF or FIFA yet still he will collect his perdiems from our coffers, he and his associates are corrupt, greedy and inefficient administrators. Most of the VIP tickets for national team matches are dashed out to their girlfriends.
With Gambia set to take on Benin on its first qualifier for AFCON  2019 , the Kaba lead administration is expected to fly to Morocco to hold their camping , when they have recently renovated the FIFA goal project for allegedly said 25 Million dalasis. Why not host the players their and fly from the Gambia. The Gambia-Morocco relationship is not bad, despite the Gambia camped in Morocco is free , serious questions should be asked if the federation is not receiving payments from the tax payers money or for usage of Morocco stay. Because air tickets, hotels & transportation is catered for the players and officials.
I and many perceive that the executive committee of the national association is not performing well enough. The minster of youths and sports should take actions. We should not mind FIFA  standing policy of non-interference by government  because its their to protect corrupt officials.
Government in Africa is the biggest sponsor of national teams. It also involves in infrastructural development that impacts on the development of the game. Why can’t the same government question football leaders over corruption charges. 
By Buba Jallow Fallaboweh 
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