Former Chief of Defense Staff Lang Tombong Tamba is about to be reinstated into the system, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Tamba, who is in the good books of the UDP led transition government, has been groomed for a job, according to sources familiar with the story. Mr. Tamba, will soon take up a government appointment, our source added.

Foreign Minister, and UDP leader Ousainanou Darboe and Lang Tombong Tamba are good buddies. Lang reports to the Foreign Ministry virtually daily and is often seen around Mr. Darboe, our source hinted.

“ Lang Tombong Tamba will soon bounce back in the system. He is always around Ousainou Darboe. He has been groomed for a position, which will be made public soon. Lang is a happy man, and has won the trust and confidence of Gambia’s Defacto leader Ousainou Darboe. It is a question of when he will start working, but his appointment is a done deal,” our source said.

“Staffers at the Foreign Ministry, and the other line Ministries can attest to the fact that Lang is part of the new system. He and Darboe talked a lot. Darboe consults him on so many issues. In fact, some agents of the regime have started sanitizing the former Army General online by drumming for his reinstatement. He might not necessarily be redeployed to the army, but based on the information I gathered Darboe wants Lang to be reinstated,” said our source.

Mr. Lang Tombong Tamba has not yet been officially hired, but his interactions with the officials of the regime clearly confirms that he is part of the Barrow establishment.

“Do not be surprised if Lang is reinstated in coming weeks. Lang himself has confided to a friend that he has been offered a job in the Barrow government. He will soon commence work,” said our source.

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