Dear Pa,

I am listening to your show (recorded). I want to inform you that the appointment of Lawyer Omar NJIE, as Supreme Court Judge thanks to Fatoumat Tambajang. Omar Njie is married to Alfa Barry’s sister, who is working at the Standard Bank.

You see Mrs Tambajang’s tentacles is also at the Judiciary. She will eventually own the country. Her daughter going around as investment expert, was sponsored by the former government. she was working at the Ministry of Information and Communication where she obtained a scholarship.

Immediately she returned, she should have been working for her bond just like any other government workers under government sponsorship. But no she decided to set up a company duplicating the work of GIEPA.

For your information, she was dating Nigerian millionaires flying on private jets whilst in Nigeria.

You are on the spot about getting details of Jammeh’s assets. As of last night, Kanilai Bakery is still making breads.


Written By An Insider

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