Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, is Gambia’s Women’s Affairs Minister, and also the overseer of the office of the Vice President. She is also the Chairperson of the Vetting Committee tasked with recruiting people into Barrow’s government. She is working with her daughter Aja Tambajang, to run a backdoor investment firm on the sideline. She is virtually running the Barrow government. She is extending her tentacles virtually to all the organs of government notably: The Judiciary, Legislature, and the Executive. 

It is only in the Gambia, where a person overseeing the office of the Vice president, can double  as a job recruiter. She is also favoring her own loved ones, friends, and acquaintances by offering them jobs in exchange for loyalty.

The dangers of allowing Ms. Tambajang Jallow running a shadow government in the Gambia is dire. Barrow has handed over the presidency to her for some unknown reasons. She is the one firing the shots and not Barrow. She okays all job applicants seeking employment in the government. She even extends invitations to her friends to submit their resumes (curriculum vita) in order to be offered job.

The government operating in Banjul is unconventional. In that, the VP overseer is acting as she is running a monarchical government. She is behaving as if she owns the Gambia and her people. Her conduct is unethical in many respects. Evidence of which, has been brilliantly articulated above.

It is not the responsibility of the VP overseer to engage in job recruitment; investment management; and so on. She is overstepping her bounds. She is busy trying to amass wealth at the expense of taxpayers.

National security maintenance is part of her duties and responsibilities as VP overseer. But she is not doing that. This is largely due to the illegality of her appointment. For her, to be able to do her job, she must take an oath. She hasn’t been sworn in as VP yet. She is overaged. Hence, she has been asked to serve as a caretaker VP, until the issue of the age limit associated with the office of the president/Vice president is regularized by parliament.

Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow Rents A Property From Her Son

Alfa Barrow, is an accountant by profession. Alfa’s mum and Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow shared the same mum and dad. In other words, Fatoumatta is Alfa’s mum.

Conventional wisdom dictates that she should avoid having contacts or business with Alfa–given the ethical standards associated with her job. But our Vice president overseer, has rented a property from her son Alfa Barry. The property was meant for Alfa’s two wives: Nancy Jallow, and Sheriffa Micknas. The two properties were recently built. The VP overseer said she wants government to refurbish the rented home for her. It is reported that it is going to cost government $100,000 to refurbish the home. 

Mr. Barry’s wives are staying at his family home in Tabokoto. They were supposed to move to the new home(s), but the VP overseer has asked her son to rent the property to her. Welcome to the new Gambia, where corruption is the order of the day. 

The Micknas Family

Effie Manga Tabal, is the mother of Sheriffa Micknas, the wife of Alfa Barry. She shared the same mum with Jamal Micknas, Angela Micknas, and Zahara Micknas. Ms. Effie is a Jolla. She hailed from Cassamance. She later married to a Lebanese, and gave birth to the aforementioned people above.

Zahara, is the mother of Alima Sallah, Ex-wife of dictator Yahya Jammeh, and also the daughter OG Sallah, Gambia’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. The Micknas family are Lebanese descendants.

Sheriffa Micknas’s brother Jamal, was recently hired to be part of a team tasked to look into Gamtel’s gateway issue—thanks to the VP overseer.  He onetime served as Gamtel’s Managing Director, under Jammeh’s rule. But he was later fired.

Now we are hearing that Alfa Barry’s sister is married to Lawyer Omar Njai. Mr. Njie was recently hired as a Supreme Court judge. The VP overseer’s signature is all over the place. This is scary Gambia. She wants to run the government as a family enterprise.

Aja Tambajang Launches Investment Firm

The VP overseer’s daughter has launched an investment firm. She has no background in investment, and Finance. She studied Communication. She is likely going to curry favors from her mom, who has taken over the Barrow government.

Investment is a lucrative sector in Africa. Corrupt governments often use backdoor firms to extort money from unsuspecting foreign investors. The Gambia is no exception. Under Jammeh’s rule, many investors were duped. They resorted to suing the government for contractual violations. The new government has inherited some of the legal mess left behind by Jammeh. 

The dangers of allowing folks without liquidity (cash), physical assets or expertise to engage in such business dealings will only breed corruption and endangerment of investors investments.

There is an agency in the Gambia tasked to oversee investment. Now having the VP overseer’s daughter, threading into a sector, in which she is virtually clueless amounts to duplication.

At the State House, an office for Investment was recently set up. Gambians and the international community should keep an eye on this interest driven government. Corruption in any form should be exposed.

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