By Muhammed Lamin Drammeh. 25 May, 2017
Brikama sports committee under the Karanlang Jatta led executive resigned after an imminent impeachment threat by the teams representative and installed in an interim committee.
The committee were sent a letter to resign before Friday 19 May, 2017 or face impeachment.
The teams representative on Sunday converge a meeting and installed in a interim committee for a period of one year according the chairman of the interim committee, Assan Darboe.
The reasons raised by the interim committee Secretary General Jerreh Manneh on the issue of the BSC resignation includes the committee’s inability to register Brikama United in the CAF African club competition, lack of renovating the Brikama Box Bar football pitch, late payment of salaries to Brikama United players and the relegation of Brikama United female team and  the male third division team.
Assan Darboe has been selected as the chairman of the interim committee and Jerreh Manneh as his secretary General. Lamin fatty is also selected as the public relation officer.
Assan Darboe promised to make things right for development of sports in the town. He also promised to called the former presidents of the town’s sports committee to taped ideas from them to restored everything including reconciliation among camps.
The Karalang Jatta executive were controversially installed in office in June 2015. The latter part of their tenure is marked with a lot of Criticism.
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