As Englishman says, “old habits never die” Gambia’s Sports Minister Henry Gomez, who is currently visiting Germany, his old place of residence, has been seen interacting with his old buddies at Hamburg’s “Reeperbahn” drug peddling street corner, sources have intimated. Prior to his home return, Reeperbahn has been Gomez’s second home. This is the outlet were folks running the streets normally congregate to sell drugs. Mr. Gomez should retire from the streets and concentrate on his Ministerial job. He seems to have missed the streets big time.

As soon as Gomez arrives in Hamburg, he paid a courtesy call to his boys at Reeperbahn. Reeperbahn is a drug peddling street in Hamburg. The German police often conduct raids in the drug infested neighborhood, and arrest drug dealers. 

Mr. Gomez used to live around the same street. It is an entertainment street, where bars, restaurants and night clubs are all over the place. The Freedom Newspaper received tons of phone calls from concerned Gambians residing in Germany, Sweden and elsewhere in Europe, reporting about Gomez’s presence at the drug peddling location. The callers said they were shocked about Gomez’s resurfacing in the streets despite being appointed Minister by President Adama Barrow. 

Our Sports Minister, should understand that he is no longer an ordinary guy. Him being a familiar face to the Reeperbahn police, doesn’t mean that he should attract potential police interviewing or arrest. He should just leave the streets.

“ Henry Gomez, has been frequenting the Reeperbahn. If the police should conduct a raid and arrest him, he is going to give a bad image to the Barrow government and the country. He spent hours hanging out with the boys at Reeperbahn,” said our source.

Minister Gomez, was jailed for two years by the German government on drug peddling related charges. This was in the 80s. He was later placed on probation upon his release from jail. Sources in Hamburg said Gomez, has been taken into custody by the Reeperbahn police on numerous occasions in the past.

After finishing his probation, Gomez, he said, was hired as a cleaner at a train station in Hamburg. He later quitted his job and set up a cleaning company.

“Henry Gomez, later left the streets and set up a cleaning business. He has hired some Gambians in Hamburg. The business later collapsed. The last time I checked, I was told that he has resumed running the streets. I do not have any evidence to that effect. All I can tell you is that Henry Gomez, was jailed in 1987, for drug possession and sale. From 1987, to the nineties, we used to sell drugs together at “Reeperbahn” in Hamburg,” he alleged.

According to the concerned Gambian, Henry Gomez, was married to a German lady called “ Marena.” Gomez and Marena never had a child, he said.

“During our 1987 arrest, and subsequent jailing, we later received information that one white German lady, who was married to a Gambian national at the time, reported us to the police. I do not want to go into detail. Let confine the conversation to Gomez’s past. Mr. Gomez cannot deny that he was not jailed for two years in Hamburg. If he does, I will come out in the open to reveal my identity. Gomez knows who is talking. The other four convicts are now back in the Gambia. Some were even deported. I have been in Germany for over 30 years. I am 60 years of age,” he said.

Mr. Gomez, could not be reached for comment.

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