By Omar Senghore. 25 May, 2017
The Karalang Jatta executive were controversially installed in office in June 2015, his executive was not welcome by majority of football stakeholders in Brikama due to the fact that they undermine former Brikama football president Basiru Bajo executive through witch-hunting which. 
When Buba Mbye Bojang  gave a hell to Kaba Bajo during the last GFF elections, Kaba decided to work on plans to boot out members of the former Brikama  Sports Committee. He then used his neighbor,one Yaya Samateh to lead the plot. Yaya lied around Brikama and built castles in the air in every  Kabilo of Brikama.  At the end of the day, he succeeded in putting up a camp that choose Mr Jatta to led them in this unfortunate move that disgraced and booted out Basiru Bajo led former Brikama Sports executive. This famous plot have the hands of the former minister of Youth and Sports, Alieu K Jammeh and his brother Bakary Jammeh, former governor of West Coast Region, Sefai Hydara and the former Chairman of National Sports Council, Lamin King Colley. Mr Jassey, the then Police Commissioner for West Coast Region was also used to threatened and detain the former executive members.
After succeeding in booting out Basiru Bajo led executive, Kaba gave a complete back to Karanlang Jatta and his team. He has not given a single ball to Brikama Sports Committee. To fry Mr Jatta deep in the pan, Kaba indulge them into promising Brikama United players that they will take part in the CAF Confederation Cup. He told the gathering that GFF will fully sport the Brikama United to participate in the CAF Confederation cup. Mr Bajo also pledge his personal contribution of D20,000. towards the campaign. Guess what,  Kaba waited until last minute and failed Mr Jatta. He even refused to give a butut from the D20,000. he pledged for the campaign.
This is how Mr Karanlang Jatta, one of the most respected and admired gentleman lost the confidence of this football loving community. Is open secret that Mr Kaba Bajo loaned out one million dalasis to support Real De Banjul in their last CAF campaign. Why not Brikama, Mr Kaba Bajo.
Former president of Brikama sport committee Basiru Bajo believed to be one of the most stable and successful leader during his time as the president. Brikama United won their first Gambia division football league and they also manage to take part in African champion league qualifier, said Lamin Bojang. According to West Coast radio last Monday sport programme host by the famous journalist Peter Gomez, one of the host was ask a question about Basiro Bajo presidency in Brikama, “one of the outstanding thing the host mention is Basiro himself donated D100,000 (Dalasis) to Brikama United for winning the football league for the first time in their history”.  Many believed that Basiro contribute a lot in Brikama United travel tickets during that year CAF champion league qualified round.
Another successful president is Landin King Colley, who is believed to be very successful during his time and his time as a president also lead to Brikama United winning their first Gambia national football FA cup.
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