The Ministry of Interior is bracing up for a massive purging of the security services under its purview. Worst affected will be the Police and the Immigration. According to sources, the IGP and some senior police officers are going to be laid off very soon. The two likely replacements for IGP are DIG Sowe and Commissioner Admin, Abdoulie Sanyang.

It is ‘tereto’ season for marabouts. Senior officers have begun hiring marabout from afar; Mali, Conakry and Bissau. IG has invited a marabout from Mali who vowed that his job is stable and if Mai dares sack him, the two will go together. IG is marabout minded so as far as he is concern his job is safe.

Most Gambian service men are fetish people. They are tenacious to send Mai Fatty packing if he dares touch them. DIG’S marabout is from Niumi and is very good at silencing cases. DIG Sowe, apparently isn’t comfortable with the way he handled the UDP campaign tour around Niumi years back and the arrest of UDP Executive at PIU. He played a pivotal role in both incidences; the former precipitated his appointment to DIG. But with these occurrences, UDP never mentioned his name; they instead appreciate Sowe more than the IG. DIG confided to a friend of mine that his marabout is no equal to the minister; he will tackle him so cheaply.

The police are ready to muddy the waters if the minister proof stubborn to them. They will reactivate his file for probable prosecution.

Immigration DG is asked to step aside and will be replaced by one Pa musa Jobarteh who is presently in UK.  Pa Musa is a childhood friend of Mai Fatty. The duo went to high school together. Pa Musa, according to police sources, was a wanted fugitive who stole hundreds of thousands of government revenue when he was at the Immigration about fifteen years ago. He was sacked and subjected to criminal investigation when he made his way to UK. Sources say he is awaiting his appointment anytime soon. Also, to be purged are some senior immigration officers. Mai is not up to anything good.

The chief fire officer will be given his marching orders any time soon. The minister is faced with the trouble of his replacement. He vowed to deal with him as soon as possible. He sees Roger (the Chief Fire Officer) as stubborn since he frequently challenges his orders. Some senior fire officers are going to be forcefully retired. Roger is too professional for the minister and Mai does not like that.

The minister also wants to change the prison deputy director general who is currently languishing in the provinces as a normal prison officer. He is contemplating replacing him with either the operations or finance.

The minister points his little finger at drug squad saying he will teach them a surprise lesson. He blames them for killing cases while drug trafficking and smoking is rampant in the country.

Written By A Concerned Gambian 

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