The investigations into the abduction and subsequent assassination of Gambia’s former Army Chief of Staff Colonel Ndure Cham, has yielded disturbing revelations, as Gambian detectives have discovered that one Sergeant Musa Johnson, was the planted mole to lure the former army chief into the gallows of former dictator Yahya Jammeh for secret assassination, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Johnson is currently under detention at the Yundum Barracks and is helping detectives in their investigations. The former Commander of the Republican Guards and co president Gen. Saul Badjie, was said to have coordinated the operations to capture and kill Ndure Cham, sources said.

Highly placed source also said that Lt. Col. Cham was captured in Numu-Kunda, his home village, where he frequented on numerous occasions to see his family. Our source went onto reveal that after the former regime was tipped-off about Cham’s movements between Gambia/Senegal, a panel team combined of soldiers, plain clothes and the then National Intelligence Agency (NIA), was launched to go and fish Cham. Gen. Badjie was the leader of the team at that time.

The security team was heavily armed during the operation. They descended into Cham, who was taken unaware and took him into custody.  

‘‘Cham was later captured and pushed into a black tinted glass vehicle and taken away. On arrival at the Barra-Banjul sea, Cham was led into a marine speed boat being accompanied with 4 other boats and took him directly to the State House, where he met Jammeh on arrival,’’ said our source.

Our source explained that Lt. Col. Cham, was handcuffed and a mascara was put onto his face and where the former president also had a word with Cham, before he was taken to Jammeh’s gallows in Foni to be exterminated. He was murdered at a forest in Foni, under the directives of Yahya Jammeh.

Meanwhile, police investigators said they have identified the secret grave where Cham was buried.  Cham’s will soon be exhumed for decent burial, said our source.

Written By A Correspondent 

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