As president Adama Barrow’s hands are tight in resolving the vacant position of the Vice presidency, this medium has been reliably informed that Mr. Barrow had made some unsuccessful efforts in the recent past to invite prospective prominent Gambian women, some of whom had served in the former Jammeh administration to offer them the job of VP, but none of the people approached so far were qualified, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. One of the women approached served as a Solicitor General under Jammeh’s regime, but was fired. Although, she met the age requirement for her to become a Vice President, but the 1997 Constitution disqualifies her candidature as potential VP for the simple reason that she was once fired from government. The constitution frowns at fired folks; hence she was disqualified to serve as VP, said a close family member source.

The other lady, who was invited by Barrow to discuss the possibilities of hiring her as VP, once served as Education Minister under Jammeh’s rule. Her only shortcoming was the mere fact that she was overaged. She was never fired by Jammeh. Instead, she resigned honorably from government, another source said.

Mr. Barrow invited the two women in the aftermath of the illegal appointment of Fatoutmatta Tambajang Jallow as Vice President. The decision was later rescinded. Ms. Tambajang was subsequently appointed Women’s Affairs Minister/VP overseer. Barrow’s efforts to end the controversy failed because of the aforementioned constitutional requirements, which hindered the prospects of the duo to be hired. The two former Jammeh appointees were disqualified either by virtue of an individual age or one’s  of past job firing record.  

Until recently, efforts were made by the Barrow presidency to name a current cabinet member to replace Ms. Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, the VP Defacto overseer, but the move was greeted by a strong opposition in some camps within the administration. The cabinet member in question, has met all the requirements as stipulated by the constitution. But for some reasons, the cabinet member is not the favorite candidate within some quarters in Barrow’s presidency. Hence, the decision was rescinded.

Meanwhile, Barrow is under catch 22 situation. He wants FTJ to step down and allow someone to assume the VP presidency, but Ms. Tambajang wouldn’t “wanna” hear that. She hasn’t expressed any indication that she will step down anytime soon. She is currently busy consolidating herself into the position. 

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