Following the publication by the Freedom Newspaper in March of this year, about the alleged theft of former dictator Yahya Jammeh’s cows by his Kanilai Farm Manager army officer Alieu Sowe, the Gambian police in collaboration with the State Intelligence Services (SIS) have launched an investigation, which led to the arrest of the family of the former Farm Manager, whose whereabouts is unknown at this hour.  Mr. Sowe’s brother one Sulayman Sowe, and other family members have been taken into custody by the Kerewan police, the Freedom Newspaper report.

This followed news reports by this medium that Mr. Alieu Sowe had allegedly stolen Jammeh’s cows during the aftermath of the month long political impasse, which nearly rendered the Gambia, ungovernable. 

Police said an eyewitness, who goes with the name Jombo Bah, in a statement alleged that he has seen Alieu Sowe smuggling the stolen cows to neighboring Senegal. Mr. Bah told police that Sowe transported the cows to Senegal.

The whereabouts of the man at the epicenter of the scandal Alieu Sowe is unknown. There are conflicting reports about Alieu’s whereabouts. While one report said, he has been taken into custody, another report intimates that he is currently at large.

Alieu Sowe, hailed from Cheedy Kunda, in the Upper Baddibu District of North Bank Region.  Cheedy Kunda is about 2.5 Kilometers north of Kekuta Kunda, the home village of the Assistant Commissioner of NBR Tapha Saidy. 

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