Gambia Football Federation Hold URR At Ransom
29 May, 2017
As the congress is happening right now at the Basse Mini-stadium hall, the youths of Basse are protesting at the entrance of the venue to the congress calling for Furu Gomez to step down as he has failed in his responsibility to develop football in our beloved region.
The youths are expressing their total dissatisfaction with the FA and complaining about miss-management of funds and unfair organization and administration of football tournaments in the region. If there is transparency in the FA, do you expect these things to happen?
1. Anybody be taken from the streets to represent a particular football club in which he’s not a member.
2. Financial statement be read without dates
3. Invitations be sent to people who only support the URR FA president.
4. A player be given the whistle to officiate a game in a tournament he’s playing.
These are clear manifestation of the corrupt nature of the football officials in Upper River Region and it’s high time that these selfish and corrupt individuals be removed for the unity of the youths and advancement of football. 
The biggest disappointment is that certain prominent individuals who were part of the organization of the peaceful protest are absent and the youths of URR found out that they are playing double standards. 
There is a heavy security presence; about 15 soldiers, seven police officers and four immigration officers. Why do they need all these security officials for a peaceful protest? At this juncture, I am convinced that the security officials in Basse are not aware of their duties. For internal security, the police should have been the only security force at the congress but what are the soldiers and immigration officers doing there?
Source concerned football stakeholder from Basse, URR
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