Dictator Yahya Jammeh is gone, but his former enablers are doing well business wise. Gambia, you remember Muhammed Bazzi? The Lebanese born businessman, who was always hanging out with the dictator. The guy, who used to deliver suitcases filled with foreign currency to Jammeh at the State House. Perhaps, the former Secretary General and presidential affairs Minister Njogu Bah, and Momodou Sabally, also a former occupier of that post can tell us the secret that bonded Jammeh’s friendship with Bazzi. How about Alhagie Ceesay, Jammeh’s former Chief of Protocol?

Folks, our country is not moving towards the right direction. Corrupt politicians, economic mercenaries, economic vampires, and former Jammeh enablers have taken over the Barrow presidency. This is an insult to what Gambians have for fought for to effect democratic change. It appears that this administration doesn’t care about credibility and legitimacy. All kinds of phony folks are conducting business with Barrow’s government. 

Certainly, some western allies will not be happy to hear or read about the likes of Bazzi to be around the new administration. These were the folks Jammeh had auctioned our nation to. Bazzi is not the type that we want in this new Gambia to dip his fingers into the economy. He never help us. He was busy working  with Jammeh to promote an economic agenda that was beneficial to the duo. 

Musa Drammeh, is president Adama Barrow’s Investment adviser. This was the guy, who introduced Bazzi to Barrow. The underhand dealings which transpired between Drammeh, and Bazzi is now coming to light. Mr. Drammeh is very aware of Bazzi’s past ties with Jammeh and the dictatorship, but he cares less. He is after lining up his pockets at the expense of our nation.

Now the story line is: Muhammed Bazzi’s new company called FALCON has been awarded contract by the Barrow government to supply fuel to NAWEC and The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA). Thanks to Musa Drammeh and Alhagie Conteh, Bazzi, the former JK enabler is doing well in this new Gambia. He has been awarded contract to supply oil to NAWEC and GPA without the knowledge of Gambians who voted Barrow into office.

There is too much politics at NAWEC AND THE GPA. Let assume that the fuel contract was bided; how can this administration allow the likes of Bazzi to be awarded contract—given his past record in dominating the Energy sector under Jammeh’s watch. You remember the Brikama power plant? Bazzi was granted license to invest in the power industry, but legitimate Gambians were denied access to this important industry by Jammeh. The Brikama power plant at some point vitally rendered NAWEC useless—given the monopoly agenda Jammeh had extended to his friend Bazzi. Power bills skyrocketed during the period in question.  

“Bazzi is perhaps more powerful now than before. Both him and Amadou are doing well,” my source said.

“Bazzi’s new company called Falcon has been doing well. He won the contacts with NAWEC and GPA,” my source added.

Muhammed Bazzi could not be reached for comment by this author. Sources close to the Barrow presidency said the Lebanese national has been wining and dining with Barrow’s close aides—notably the likes of Musa Drammeh.  

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