29 May, 2017

Crisis is heading in Gambia football as Kaba GFF executive is fixing matches to keep teams that are struggling to survive and are loyal to him to stay in the 2nd Division against his opponents. Before the last matches of the 2nd Division today it was already in the streets that the Kaba camp teams, BK Milan will favour Young Africans, Lions of Banjul to favour Wa Banjul and Banjul United to favour Serekunda East Bi. As widely speculated today BK Milan gave an easy ride to Young Africans and Lions of Banjul also gave an easy ride to Wa Banjul in order to secure their positions in the 2nd Division. As it is fixed the Champions, Banjul United will also easily allow the occupants of bottom of the 2nd Division table, Serekunda East Bi to easily roll over them tomorrow.

The Interior FC is also dribbled and their hard earned 3 points is given to their favorites Young Africans to safe them relegation.

Kaba and his executive might succeed in their calculations to keep numbers for the upcoming GFF elections but on the other hand, the disadvantage teams are discussing among themselves how to involve the police Interpol unit of INTEGRITY IN SPORTS to investigate these dubious acts in sports. So serious smokes are coming from a timing bomb that could see Kaba Bajo executive dissolved.

I am finding it difficult to  have answers for the following questions……

1. Is Kaba Bajo here to develop football in The Gambia or working on strategies to stay as president of GFF?

2. Is it possible for the last three teams languishing in the bottom table to easily roll over the teams occupying top of the 2nd Division table this last minute without elements of match fixing?

3. Should the ministry of Youth and Sports and Sports Council sit and allow these dirty games in our football in the name of football politics?

By Omar Senghore. 
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