The Trump administration has tightened visa issuance to Gambian government officials, following the country’s slow pace of resolving and implementing the backlog of deportation cases of its nationals lined up to be deported from the United States. Three Gambian officials have been denied visa recently. Among the officials denied visa include: Ebrima Sisawo, Permanent Secretary office of the president, Bamba Banja, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Forestry, and one Mr. Cham, an official of the Gambia police force.

The recent visa denials have prompted the Gambian government to work out a deal with the Trump administration to finally accept the deportation of 2000 Gambians from the US. Some of the people lined up to be deported have been living in the US between twenty and thirty years. Their children were born in the Untied States.

An officials of the US Embassy in Banjul, was recently quoted by a local newspaper, the Standard, as having said that the Barrow government has finally agreed to receive the 2000 Gambians lined up to be deported from the US. The official said the issue of the pending deportations have been resolved by the two governments. 

The Gambia was among the twenty countries sanctioned by the United States government for refusing to accept deportees from the US. Former dictator Yahya Jammeh had introduced “ A NO DEPORTATION” policy against the former Obama administration. He refused to accept deportees from the US. Hence, a law was passed by Congress to punish nations refusing to accept deportees from America. Among the punitive measures taken by Congress include: imposing a visa ban against Gambian government officials and their families, and also funding aid freeze against non-complaint nations.

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