Good day. I want to update you on the current security situation in our country. I strongly believe that the security command in charge are not paying attention to what is happening. I mean the security cracks on the wall. Notwithstanding, I will continue to use my precious time to gather credible information that I feel will help avert any looming security danger against our nation.

I have been very consistent with the fact that there is a real threat against our new-found democracy and the signs are clearly written on the walls for all to see. The recent audio messages purportedly being uploaded by the Jammeh loyalists should never be taken lightly. It is a serious threat.

It’s a general feeling shared by almost 80 % of the whole security forces in the country that such threats should not be left unaddressed. I have said over and over again that the security forces should be purged to root out the diehard Jammeh loyalists, who are hell bent on derailing any meaningful development the new government wants to embark on.

It would take us one week to neutralize them. A good example took place today at the state house gate opposite the emergency unit of the RVTH when one Sgt Lamin Badjie, was openly insulting the Senegalese troops under ECOMIG. He was seriously beaten up and arrested.  This is just a sign of what will befall this nation whenever the ECOMIG forces leave the country. The army is more like a militia tailored to serve a wicked dictator, where professionalism is not the yardstick to promote deserving officers and soldiers. I don’t know why the CDS cannot understand this simple fact and try to do justice to the general populace by stepping aside and allow more seasoned army officers to help us.

These ignorant and selfish enablers cannot still believe that Jammeh is gone for good. Continue making your investigative journalism to find out what I wrote. I am sure that sooner rather than later a serious issue will come up and we will all regret it.

Written By A Gambian Soldier

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