Gambia: Dictator Jammeh’s Former Wife Alima Sallah Finally Returns Home!


She is finally back in the Gambia after living in Saudi Arabia for many years. The sudden collapsed of her marital relationship with former dictator Yahya Jammeh forced her to leave town for her own safety. She was all the time living with her Dad Ambassador OG Sallah, Gambia’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

As evident on this picture, Alima Sallah, the former wife of Yahya Jammeh is hanging out with her friends and family members. She has lost weight though. A source, who met her said Alima is happy that JK is gone. She is openly rejoicing for Jammeh’s downfall.

Alima’s Dad OG Sallah was loyal to Yahya Jammeh, until the dictator’s unprecedented electoral defeat. About eleven Ambassadors signed a petition calling on Jammeh to relinquish power during the month long political impasse, with the exception of Mr. Sallah. He refused to be part of the Foreign Service camp calling for Jammeh’s peaceful power exit.

Alima Sallah married Yahya Jammeh, while she was in her mid-twenties. Her mum and Dad encouraged her to marry the Kanilai born dictator. The pair had a rough marriage, as Jammeh’s Moroccan wife was bent on undermining their marital relationship.

It reached a point that Jammeh had to cut off all lines of communication with Alima. He completely abandoned her. Jammeh even plotted to take Alima’s life, but the plot was aborted to thanks to the heads up Alima received from Jammeh’s former Orderly Yusupha Sanneh, now living in the United States, who informed her about Jammeh’s plans to liquidate her, our source said.

This followed a failed attempt on Alima’s life by the jungullars. She was going home one evening after visiting her parents, when the jungullars opened fire at her car. She thought that her tyre had a problem, when in fact she was shot at. It was Yusupha Sanneh, who briefed her about Jammeh’s evil machinations against her. 

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