Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe and Interior Minister Mai Fatty, left Banjul on Tuesday for Belgium, in a rather impromptu trip, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Details surrounding the duo’s trip is unclear, but speculations are rife in town that the trip had to do with the passport bio metric deal Mai Fatty allegedly reached with the Belgian firm without the consent of Cabinet.

“Do you know that Darboe and Fatty left Banjul International Airport today for Belgium? It’s a secret trip. There is a problem within the Barrow cabinet. Apparently, Mai accepted some funds from the Belgians during the campaign. He promised to award them the passport bio metric contract. Mr. Darboe found out the deal this past week. He became very furious as soon as he discovered what transpired,” said our source, who wished to remain anonymous.

“The funds were used during the campaign while Darboe and co were in jail. Adama Barrow was the Treasurer of the UDP at the time. They shared the funds; hence Mai was offered Interior Ministerial job so that he can fulfill the promised he made to the Belgian company,” our source alleged.

Both Darboe and Mai could not be reached for comment on our source’s claims. Our source said the duo are in Belgium for damage control—given the magnitude of the scandal associated with the passport deal.

“The planned deportation of the “backway” boys is also part of the agenda of their trip. They will meet with EU officials to formalize the pending deportation cases,” he added.

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