A G Class Mercedes Benz said to be owned by the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, is being allegedly used to transport the son of Gambian president Adama Barrow to school, despite the recent freezing of Jammeh’s assets by the Gambian government, the Freedom Newspaper has gathered. The vehicle which costs over #150,000 British pound, has been seen in the streets of Kairaba Avenue, and elsewhere around the Greater Banjul area. It was also parked at the Kairaba Beach Hotel, where president Barrow’s office was onetime situated. The G Class Mercedes Benz was among the ten Jammeh vehicles which were not frozen by the government. For some unknown reasons, the ten vehicles were not among the frozen Jammeh assets.

On Tuesday, Fatu Camara of Fatu’s show network posted a picture of the said G Class Mercedes Benz belonging to Jammeh, plying along the busy streets of Kairaba Avenue. At the time of Fatu’s posting, her source couldn’t tell her the people using Jammeh’s car.

“A #120,000 car which belongs to the former president Yahya Jammeh is spotted on Kairaba Avenue and at the Kairaba Beach Hotel. Who is using it and under what conditions? We know that 10 vehicles were left behind by the former dictator. Are they seized? Because they are not on the list of frozen assets and properties. Please let us know,” said a statement available on Ms. Camara’s Facebook page.

A Freedom Newspaper investigation discovered that the vehicle in question worth more than #120,000 as reported. Sources also intimated that the said vehicle is being used to transport president Barrow’s son to school.

“ Jammeh’s G Class Mercedes Benz is being used to carry Barrow’s son to school. The vehicle occasionally parks at the Kairaba Beach hotel. That I can report to you. The vehicle belongs to Jammeh. I think these folks envied Yahya Jammeh while he was in office. How can they use his ill-gotten vehicles to transport their kids to school? This is absurd,” said our source.

As soon as the story hits the newsstand, the Freedom Newspaper contacted Gambia’s Information Minister Demba Jawo to ask him if could contact the office of the president to verify the veracity of the story. But Jawo was busy at the time. He asked to be given time to make enquires as to whether the president was using Jammeh’s car to transport his son to school as alleged. This was on Tuesday.

In the interest of fair reporting, we decided to put the story on hold until the next day today (Wednesday) to hear from Minister Jawo’s side of the story.  And this was what Jawo had to say when contacted: “Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any confirmation about the story being sought. There is no information to that effect. We are not aware of what is being reported. I couldn’t confirm the story,” Jawo said.

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