Scorpion players need integration and mental strength as latest call-up indicates dysfunctional system within the Lamin Kaba Bajo camp 
By Buba Jallow Fallaboweh. 01 June, 2017
The way Gambian football is runned is absurd, unreal and chaotic. You wouldn’t know the difference unless you are a keen follower of African football. I repeat the failure of Lamin kaba Bajo is reluctantly sticking with people without competent, busy utilizing our funds in the name of volunteerism. 
You might not know but our ex players like Jatto Ceesay, Ebou Sillah and Pa Dembo Touray are into coaching but these men are treated as if they never played for the Gambia. Because they aren’t integrated in the national team or the GFF set-up. We need them because we have a great generation of players who should be nurtured, paid like professionals and set the standards high for them to flourish. A match bonus of D15,000 should be increased. 
Lamin Kaba and camp are busy running from marabou to marabou, region to region to see that they lead our football for the next coming years,which to me is a stabb  in the back.
Back to the recent call-up players by coach Sang Ndong against Benin, we should respect those that are been called up because I think they deserve it, it’s an opportunity for them to show their worth. Thus the bigger problem lies on those that aren’t picked, who are fit and playing regular .The likes of (Sanna Nyassi, kaba Sambou, Kebba Ceesay, Jack Jagne, Pa Dibba, Ken Mansally , Abdoulie Jallow,  Demba Savage and many more). How do we make them happy and be part of this project because everyone of them is always ready to represent the scorpions and bring the desired results that the fans want.
The key word which is missing is communication, which I believe both the federation and the coach should be involved to clear their minds and stands. Are those refusing to honour call-ups based on logistics requirements because the system haven’t changed much , the federation is fun of kidnapping air tickets which includes buying tickets that involves long routes and long transit hours. At this point I won’t even hesitate, some have turned their back simply because the way and approached directed to them weren’t convincing. 
Much talk of the town is Alasan Manneh’s inclusion to the national team, well if we don’t have a functioning U20 why not promote him to the senior team, his call up is fully deserved and age doesn’t matter thinking the early age Theo Walcott & Michael Owen joined the three lions.
Finally we have lots of Gambians playing in ligue1 in Senegal and they are key players, Senegal league is amongst the best in Africa, only selecting one from that pool looks like a great undermine which further exposes the carefree of selections. Players like Germano Abdoulie Jallow Generation foot, & Madi Fatty Casa Sport and many deserved a call up.
The mental strength needed in players should play their style and fight for the common goal which is win, win & win. 
Ramadan Mubarak
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