Sheikh Sidia Jatta, the newly elected Member of Parliament Wuli West, together with other Gambian MPS, survived an automobile accident in Senegal, few day ago, during their return from Pan-African Parliament meeting, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Our source said he was briefed about the accident, which caused minor injuries to the victims, and he encouraged this medium to make a follow up to the story. There were no life-threatening injuries at the time of the incident.

Details surrounding the actual cause of the accident is unclear. But it happened while Sida and co were returning to Banjul.

A source close to the PDOIS party, in which Sidia Jatta is the Chairperson of the party confirmed that the accident indeed occurred. The source said about four or five MPS were involved in the accident, but he promised to update us with further details.

No statement has been issued yet by the National Assembly in regards to the said accident.

“I think it is crucially imperative for Sidia and co to seek medical treatment. They might suffer from internal injuries without knowing about it. They need to go and see a doctor,” said a source.

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