Madness in Gambia football continues as more worrying news for the GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo and football house
By Ousman B Kinteh. 02 May, 2017
Close to ten Police officers representing Interior FC yesterday meet Kaba Bajo, Abdou Salam and Abass Bah of Gambia football federation in football house. The officers were invited by the GFF Boss amid tensions of match fixing claims by certain disadvantaged teams. Mr Bajo is trying to act smart after knowing that Interior FC is having a clear case against them. 
Forging an appeal for Interior that has never existed is not a solution to get you out of trouble with the Interpol. 
Let Mr Bajo and the GFF know that all that has happened is in the public domain and trying to fix their mess will land him into more troubles. If you want to escape from the police, Young Africans will be relegated and they are also waiting with their machetes to finish you up. You failed the clubs and you must face the consequences period.
The National Sports Council’s determination to remove the pro Mustapha Kebbeh camp has reached the police. Saihou Bah, the president of Serekunda East Committee was reported to the police today by NSC for refusing to comply with them with regards their scheduled congress. This has call the attention of the Interpol and the Inspector General of Police wo are on their investigations
Marcel Mendy and Ebou Secka who are fighting for Kaba camp  since the famous GFF circular saga are determined to remove the executive members of the influential sports zone that is pro Mustapha Kebbeh.
As I said in my last post, the timing bomb is about to explode.
Gambian football federation to reach its debacle as imminent arrest of its president Lamin Kaba Bajo is on the way … interesting allegation , investigations will be soon presented to the Interpol…whatever happens the national sports council plus Bakary Jammeh will be drag along…The duo are accused of bring halt of a schedule congress and Kaba Bajo heavily involved it influencing results of the second division.
George Gomez of national youths and sport council chairman to remind himself the disasters his friends and Co like Lamin Kaba Bajo, Bakary K Jammeh and Alieu K Jammeh, the former minister of youth and sport did to illegally removed two legal legitimate elected president of Gambia football just to see Lain Kaba Bajo as the GFF president, I remind him that yes we know that we in new Gambia and this new Gambia will remove them sooner than he expected.
Below statement copied from Sidi Sanneh blog
“Lamin Kaba Bajo is unqualified to run Gambian football because he has no idea about the game. He has never been a footballer nor officiated the game, or even a keen observer of the game.
More seriously, Mr. Kaba Bajo has twice lied on his application by claiming that he was nominated by the two Brikama-based clubs Bombada and Brikama United Football clubs, and that he was vice president of Bombada Football Club. Both clubs have come out to deny both claims. 
Lying about one’s qualification is sufficient to disqualify him as an unworthy candidate for the top footballing position.  In fact, he deserves a more severe penalty for such dishonest behavior”.
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