Dear Pa,

I read the above accident involving the MP for Wuli West, Mr. Sidia Jatta, and other members of the NA with deep sadness and concern for uncle Sidia. A week before they made this trip, I was at the Jeshwang cemetery to pay my respect and pray for my parents and loved ones and witnessed a very strange incident . I usually go to the graveyard early Friday mornings, after Fajr prayers, to pray for my departed parents. A promise I made to them.

On this particular day, as I entered through the first gate near the Jeshwang highway, I noticed one of the graves that has been there for some time looked scattered and there were pictures of some people buried on top of that grave wrapped on a white cloth. I tried to look at what was buried and saw the pictures were Sidia’s election campaign photos. I pulled out the rest of the strange wrapper buried and saw other four pictures. I did not know the others but one of them was Mr Halifa Sallah’s.

I was wondering what these pictures were doing here, but I dismissed the thought of any foul play and threw the pictures outside behind the main gate and never bothered to investigate further, but I told my wife about this strange thing. Her response was to inform uncle Sidia. I did not think that he will attach much significance to it. So, when I read in your paper that he was involved in an accident with other MPs, then it rang a bell.

I am fasting and I am not expecting to gain anything from this. But it is important to come out in public about this as a Muslim so that they should be careful that some people are after them.

Thank you for publishing my story.

 Written By MBO Gaye 

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