Gambia: What a scrap?


If the writer is working at the GPPA, he or she should be fired for poorly defending the institution vise a vise the contents of my article. Reading his rejoinder makes all professionals and intelligent folks laugh. Even those that are not in the telecom industry or the private sector will see the nonsense, his confusion and emotions in trying to defend the indefensible. His diatribes, and irrationality in his poorly argued write up do not deserve a reply.

As a past 1st Vice President of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 1995 to 1999, this guy will never be invited to our forums to represent or deliver a speech on behalf of the GPPA.

The guy mixes apples and oranges. The guy has no clue about the meanings of capitalism, communism, monopoly and liberalism. This guy is simply upset without being able to make coherent differences between systems, policies, laws and economic theories. The guy is equally traumatized by the word communism Loll!

More over, this guy is in effect calling the USA, UK and France communist countries prior to 1996 when they decided to liberalize the telecom market. The guy cannot even differentiate between a monopoly status of an industrial or service and communism. Even Russian and Chinese people will laugh at his potato write up.

Bottom line is, the guy is simply unfair to Gamcel. His criticism against Gamcel and the praises he heaps on Africell/ Qcell are too obviously one sided and very unpatriotic. The guy doesn’t even know that the monies he is alluding to stay at the public corporations coffers. GPPA is only task to open and award tenders from these public corporations and nothing else. By the way SSHFC, GIA, GPA, GCCA and NAWEC have monopoly status in their operations but not GAMCEL.

Ooh! Pa Ndery Mbai you know very well the guy is clueless, unintelligent, illogical and downright bias against Gamcel. The guy is on a payroll of some hidden masters.

Anyway his diatribes are our weekend laughter for the readership. Loll!

Pa, please publish his or her picture otherwise anyone can call himself J. Gomez.

Am sure he or she will disappear in thin air. Loll!

I will be extremely happy if the GPPA officially respond to the points raised in my original article. I stand by my position in freeing GAMCEL from the GPPA for them to be able to effectively compete the private GSM companies.

Have a nice weekend.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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