President Adama Barrow’s close aides have started talking. They seem to be upset with Barrow’s handling of state of affairs especially on matters relating to official corruption, the economy and national security. Things doesn’t look good for Barrow and his government. There are cracks all over the place. Mr. Barrow is gradually losing legitimacy in the eyes of Gambians and the international community. This is largely due to his lack of attention to details. He is also not having a firm grip of the politically polarized country. Barrow himself epitomizes corruption. We will tell you how and why.

Few days ago, the Freedom Newspaper reported that Mr. Barrow uses dictator Yahya Jammeh G Class Mercedes Benz to transport his son to school. Many have wondered as to who was behind the wheel of that fancy car. Well, there is more to the Freedom story.

Barrrow’s aides have clarified the story. They said the vehicle in question has been allocated to one Kallilu Waggeh, a Senegalese businessman. Mr. Waggeh, was the main brain behind Barrow’s recent trip to Congo. He travelled to Congo with Barrow. He is one of Barrow’s foreign aides. The duo hangout a lot.

While Adama Barrow was in Saudi Arabia to attend the US/Saudi Conference, he received a phone call from his wife the First Lady Fatoumatta Bah Barrow, who complained to him that the security detail assigned to the presidency on the ground refused to allow her to allow Mr. Waggeh to use the dictator’s car.She became furious. It’s true that her request to handover the vehicle’s key to the Senegalese man, was declined by the security. The security detail insisted that without clearance from Barrow, they cannot allow anyone to use the car. This warranted the First Lady’s call to Barrow.

Mr. Barrow sided with the First Lady, and ordered the guards to release the car to the Senegalese businessman. This was how the vehicle was handed over to Mr. Waggeh.

As we file this report, Waggeh has been seen in town driving Jammeh’s car. His brother occasionally drives the car, said Barrow’s aides.

This past Wednesday, Kallilou Waggeh was at Barrow’s home. He and Barrow had dinner together, according to one close aide of the President. Details of that dinner is in our hands. A lot was discussed during the dinner, said one Barrow aide. This is how the situation stands.

The First Lady’s insistence that the said vehicle must be handed to the Senegalese businessman is worrisome to say the least. Barrow’s aides are apparently concerned about the recent move to allow a non-Gambian to use Jammeh’s car without legal sanctioning.

It should be noted that none of the vehicles dictator Jammeh left behind were frozen by the state. Adama Barrow has started using Jammeh’s convoy of vehicles. The remaining Jammeh cars have been taken over by Barrow and his cronies. 

Mr. Barrow is leaving town today for Liberia. He is losing the respect of his aides—thanks to his care free attitude and lack of presidential qualities.

In the meantime, Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh is away from the country. Mr. Sanneh has been been away for sometime now. He is said to be on an overseas trip. He is going to be paid exorbitant per diem allowances during his long absence from the country. Finance Ministry insiders are even complaining. Army Chief of Defense Staff Masanneh Kinteh, too is also said to be away from the country. 

Next, we will address the issue of the MFDC Gambia rebel wing, which is gaining ground. Barrow’s government is sleeping. The regime is preoccupied with sheer greed, internal bickering, infighting, constitutional violations, and making money at the expense of national security. Stay tuned.

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