Fortune coach Jane Joof outcry after winning second division League football payoff
03 May, 2017
Fortune coach Jane Joof outcry “I can say it loud that we ‘Fortune United’ should have been the CHAMPIONS of the second division” 
I was emotional for the fact that we’ve been blessed of what we deserve. Since the start of the season, I knew it won’t be a smooth passage. I left Samger where i spend good years to be precise 13 years. I came to Fortune United because it’s a personal project and something we started from  academy level to the nawettans, third division to second till now first division. The struggles and hurdles have made my heart filled with emotion, the challenges pushed me more to be determined and strive for success.
The ban is finished, because it was to last at the end of the season. The ban came from the organising committee based on their own dissents. They wrote to me informing me of been banned along side four of my players. To my understanding you only ban someone who breaks the law. I can take you as far as our game against Banjul United, it was tensed because the stakes were high. Fortune were leading the table by then. After that game a fan of ours wasn’t happy with the fourth official and a fight broke out. Lots of this big men in the FA are having a footage of where I was seen urging my players to stay calm and I never went were the brawl was. Therefore why did the letter accused me of rampage and physical abuse on the referee, I call the FA directly and they told me if i feel am guilty I should appeal. Another surprise is both the referee and fourth official didn’t include the accusation so where did they FA got this crime from. My appeal was replied but still insisted that coach Jane Joof’s ban must stand.
Fortune United were competing with clubs owned and sponsored by the organizing committee, they tried to puncture us. I think the organising committee should have done an investigation before going by Baboucarr Drammeh of Banjul United, who is in the camp of Banjul committee and also the match coordinator accusing me of rampage. A conclusion I think shows reckless of office and procedure.
I believe in myself and believe in my work. That was the success I had in Samger. I think i can manage Fortune very well because it is ours . I believe the experience I have in Gambian football will be a big help too. 
I Am not only going to stay, am going to compete because that’s how a club can develop, that was our plan in the second division. No doubt I will strengthen the team. Financially, individuals have been chipping in, can’t mention names because we believe in low profiles. Financing second division is the hardest. We are praying for a good collaboration with the sponsors so that we can have a great season.
You don’t scratch me twice never in life, what they succeeded in the 2nd division , I wont allow it in the first division, I was banned for 13 games and coming to gain promotion is a huge feat. I have been keeping silence but enough is enough. I will never forgive those responsible for my ban and suspension. Some fixtures weren’t conducive for us but our plea fell to defeat ears.
The play off is one of their dirty games, they never mentioned it in any of their letters that the play off will have finals, they sit till the eleventh hour and alerted us. I bear honoring their fixtures because if you don’t you lose points. Imagine the clubs we played against in the play off , their was a big gap because we had 13 points and 10 points marginal. Therefore the play off having a final is wrong, a late decision they took which I think consultations would have worked. They really spoilt the spirit of the second division, everything was bad , people were crying all over. I can say it loud that we Fortune United should have been the CHAMPIONS of the second division, it was hard.
I Jane Joof is thanking the west coast region , where everything started and thanking everyone connected to Fortune United..
By Buba Jallow Fallaboweh
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