The medical report of the 54 year old Haruna Jatta, of Kanilai, who was shot dead by the Senegalese forces have been released by doctors at the Francis Small Teaching Hospital, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The late Mr. Jatta listed Omar Jatta as his next of kin.

The report stated that Mr. Jatta was admitted at the Intensive Care Unit on arrival. He died of gunshot wounds on June 3, 2017. His death was also attributed to “shock” and excessive bleeding.

The medical doctor who signed Haruna Jatta’s death certificate was one Dr. M Kanteh, per the medical report obtained by the Freedom Newspaper.  

Haruna Jatta, was shot by the Senegalese security forces in Kamfenda. He was among the Kanilai protesters, who thronged the streets on Friday, demanding for the immediate withdrawal of the ECOMIG forces in Foni. The protesters were shot at upon arrival in Kamfenda.

The late Jatta was in charge of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s cows in Kanilai. Preparations are in high gears to bury his remains in Foni in coming hours. Villagers on Friday protested against the presence of the Senegalese security forces in Foni, who are part of the ECOMIG contingent. They asked for the immediate withdrawal of the foreign troops.

Gambia’s Information Minister Demba Ali Jawo told the BCC Focus On Africa Program that two of the protesters sustained minor injuries following Jawo described as rubber bullets fired at the protesters by the ECOMIG forces. It turns out that the protesters were shot with live bullets.

In another development, the medical conditions of one of the protesters, who was shot in the head has deteriorated, according to competent sources. The protester is between live and death situation.

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