Mr, Editor, I believe the people of Foni should do the Gambians a big favor by understanding that the Gambia is one country and that Foni is not an independent region. The Gambia held an election in December 2016 and Yahya Jammeh lost clearly. The reason why we had the ECOMIG forces in the Gambia today came about because of his reluctance to quit power after losing a free and fair election. That being case, he was forcibly asked to leave the Gambia to ensure that peace prevails and the new government operates without fear and intimidation from him.

Quite frankly, I am not in support of ECOMIG forces killing any Gambian protester but the Police coming to the scene would not have yield any result. My condolence goes to the young man that died because of gunshot wounds. My question however is whether the shot came from “a Senegalese” soldier or any other member of the ECOMIG contingent? I am just a bit concerned with the way the shooting was reported but I am sure the government will do a fact finding mission to determine that.

In fact, the people of Foni should not tell us that they were not privy to Yahya Jammeh killing their own people, or imprisoned some of them or some even ran away because of him. All the 22 years he ruled the Gambia and all the atrocities we unveil today, what did the people of Foni do about that? Nothing, they kept quiet and enjoyed the generosity of Yahya Jammeh while he continuously butchers the Gambian people. The demands of the people of Foni is just hypocritical and lacks substance because Yahya Jammeh cannot come back to the Gambia right now or can they force the ECOMIG forces to leave the Foni. They are only there as a security force and they should be left to do their job peacefully.

When Solo Sandeng died in the hands of Yahya Jammeh’s thugs, he warned the international community to stay out of Gambia’s internal matter. Even after acknowledging that he died in detention, his body was nowhere to be found. Because we had the ECOMIG forces in the Gambia, the body of the poor man was discovered after being illegally disposed. I want the people of Foni to tell me whether it is justified to kill any Gambian and just dispose the body off and no one should ask questions. Aside that, how many Gambians were killed by Yahya Jammeh and where are the bodies? We only hear conflicting stories as where and how they were killed and what happened to their bodies. I believe most of them were buried in the back yard of the Foni and they kept quiet about all that.

The Gambia has moved away from the days of killing and maiming of innocent citizens and the people of Foni should not encourage an uprising that will plunge the country into chaos for no reason. Let the people of Foni embrace peace and understand that we have a new government in the Gambia that came in through a democratic process.

Written by Ebou Ngum in Everett Washington.

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